Maps have a sense of magic that you can’t quite define with a name but you know exists. They’re like a time machine that can transport people from the depths of the Atlantic and into outer space. It is because of this ability that people have found great interest in maps.

Map lovers, or cartophiles, are people spurred by both emotion and imagination. This is because maps compel them to think and see spatially. If you’re in search of a holiday gift for a map enthusiast or someone who loves to travel, you’re on the right page.

Here’s a wish-list of five great gifts that are guaranteed to fill any map lover out there with excitement.

1. Woodcut Maps

During the age of discovery, engraving on wood was the dominant method for creating maps. Today, technology has enabled people to create laser cut maps on wood as a surface.

Gifting a map lover with a woodcut map of a particular place such as the neighborhood they currently live in or of a place they like should serve as a great show of sentiment.

2. Vintage Maps

Gifting a map lover with a map might seem rather straightforward but the love cartophiles have for maps allows them to add more and more to their collection. You can get a vintage map from a map gallery or you could simply order one online.

Bear in mind that most people seem to only prefer authentic maps and might not appreciate anything else. If you can’t get a vintage map, you can always get a modern map that has been designed to look vintage.

3. The Man Behind the Maps

If you want to leave a lasting impression, then you should definitely get a map lover this book. ‘The Man Behind the Maps’ is devoted to James Niehues who created over 200 maps across the earth.

The pictures and illustrations printed in this book concerning the approaches used by Niehues to create maps will be of great interest to any map lover out there.

4. Map-Themed Shower Curtain

Most people would say they find showers incredibly therapeutic. It’s a time when you get to resonate about a lot of things going on in your life and the world at large. Throw in a map-themed shower curtain and you’ve incorporated the element of study to the entire process. It’s a cute and thoughtful gift that all map lovers would appreciate.

5. Map Wallpaper

What’s better for a map enthusiast than giving them a beautiful map they can hang against their wall? You can buy a map of a location of your choice and have it tailored as per the dimensions of the wall where the map is supposed to go.

The only difficulty you might have with this choice of gift is having to choose the map location you’d like.

5 Awesome Holiday Gifts For Map Lovers

Nothing Is More Expensive Than a Free Gift

Unless you’re a cartophile yourself, it’s difficult to understand how map lovers feel about their maps. Please try to remember that map enthusiasts really crave originality. You should, therefore, avoid giving subtle gifts that they probably already have.

Items such as map key chains or globes they can simply plant on their desk and never spin are examples of ordinary gifts. However, choosing any of the aforementioned items as a gift idea would surely please any map aficionado out there.

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