As the name suggests, computer eye strain glasses appear to be those glasses that have something to do with the computer and at the same time prevent eye strain. In fact, these are the glasses that you must use while working on a computer. You might have seen some of your colleagues who wear glasses usually at the time of using a computer, those are the same computer glasses. In fact, people who are regular users of prescription eyeglasses tend to have computer eye strain lenses in their prescription lenses, so that works as both prescription glasses as well as computer eye strain glasses.

computer eye strain glasses are known by various names worldwide, such as blue light blocker glasses, blue lens glasses, gaming glasses, computer glasses, anti-blue light glasses or blue light glasses.

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Concept of Computer Eye Strain Glasses

Let us understand in length and breadth what computer eye strain glasses are and what they do?

With the computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other digital screen technology comes what is known as the blue light along with the emission of glares.  This blue light is a part of light rays and is visible to the naked eyes owing to its shorter wavelength.

Blue light is harmful to the eyes, to the extent that it may cause some serious troubles. Ranging from digital eye strain, dryness of eyes, weak eyes, macular degeneration to retinal damage.  This is because, when the blue light enters the eyes and reaches the retina, it starts causing damage. Because the natural lens of the eyes is pretty delicate and like UV rays it fails to block blue light from entering the eyes. Therefore, the blue light can harm eyes if not taken care of.

Moreover, when the user of the digital screen device or computer is strained to view the digital screen of the device he/she is operating, the muscles of the eyes get tensed. Due to this tension in the muscles, the person feels a headache that keeps occurring frequently while using the computer for extended hours or when using a smartphone for hours.  Therefore, it may lead to a condition that is known as digital migraine which is a striking pain in the head when you view a computer screen for hours without taking a break.

The other issue associated with the computer, smartphone, and other digital is the emission of glares that also creates reflections on the glasses. This hinders the eyes to focus on the screen and causes the eyes to strain.

Computer Eye Strain Glasses

Purpose of Computer Eye Strain Glasses

The blue lens glasses majorly perform two functions i.e. blocking the blue light and the glares apart from, of course, providing clear vision. Thus, the computer eye strain glasses consists of :

  • anti-blue light coating
  • anti-glare coating

These two coatings distinguish computer eye strain glasses from the other normal glasses.

Benefits Derived from the Computer Eye Strain Glasses

The user of computer eye strain glasses gets the following benefits:

01) Blocks the blue light

The blue lens glasses successfully block the blue light. Some of the good quality eyeglasses, such as the one produced by Specscart are so effective that they can block up to 99.99% of the blue light. Therefore, the eyes are saved from the harmful effects of blue light i.e. computer eye strain, digital migraine, macular damage etc. Although, you may notice that the computer eye strain glasses have lenses that are in light hues of blue, green or yellow. Whereas, the Specscart glasses are crystal clear and use blue cut technology on the surface of the lens to craft eyeglasses.

02) Blocks glare and prevent reflections

The blue lens glasses prevent the eyes from the blinding glares that are reflected from the digital light screen of the computer. While crafting glasses, an anti-glare coating is applied both outer as well as the inner surface of the glasses. This prevents the glares from entering the eyes so that the eyes are not strained to focus on the screen. At the same time, these computer strained glasses block the formation of reflections on the inner and outer surface of the glasses which hinders the vision thereby providing clear vision without causing strain to the eyes.

3) Ease of focus

Since the blue light, as well as the glares, are blocked outrightly through Specscart’s computer eye strain glasses, the eyes are not strained. Thereby, the eyes can easily focus on the computer and other objects without causing any tension in the eye muscle.

4) Safety of eyes

The blue lens glasses provide a safe and secure environment for the eyes. They act as a safety guard and prevent the occurrence of severe eye-damaging diseases and issues associated with it.

5) Induce sleep

This may sound uncommon, but the computer eye strain glasses help in inducing sleep. Because the blue light hinders the sleeping pattern by affecting the production of the sleeping hormone called Melatonin.  When the blue light is stopped from harming the eyes, the Melatonin hormone secretion is not affected in any way and this helps in inducing sleep, sound sleep, prevention of insomnia and difficulty is sleeping.

Computer Eye Strain Glasses

Do I need to Buy New Designer Glasses or instead I can get New Lenses in Old Frames?

  1. If you are already using any eyeglasses frame or you are a prescription or non-prescription eyeglasses user, then instead of buying a new pair of designer glasses, it is suggested that you may get new lenses in old frames. This is called the process of reglazing glasses wherein the old lenses are removed from your old and existing eyeglasses frames and replaced with the freshly customized prescription or non-prescription lenses with advanced anti-blue light and anti-glare coating on the lenses. Therefore, you need not buy a new one, but your old frames are re-used.
  2. However, if your eyeglasses frame is unable to hold the new lens, or is damaged and not in a condition to be used further, the optometrist would not suggest you go for new lenses in old frames.
  3. In case, you have never used prescription glasses or blue lens glasses before and now you wish to buy one with or without prescription, then, of course, buy a new pair of designer glasses.

Whether you wish to buy designer glasses or reglaze new lenses in old frames, buy glasses from a good quality manufacturer like Specscart that crafts blue lens glasses with the anti-glare, anti-UV and anti-blue light protection that blocks 99.99% of the glares, UV and blue light while providing 30% enhanced vision clarity.

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