Do you want to use gift ideas to drive more sales? Not having the time is often the reason not to find the best swag bag ideas for employees. That’s the reason why, in this article, we’ll list the corporate gift ideas to increase your sales no matter what.

If you want to choose something for everyone, you should definitely go for the best corporate gift on this list. Whether you’re a director or a marketing team leader, or an agent willing to provide feedback, these are the conference swag ideas 2020 for you.

5 Best Conference Swag Ideas for More Sales

An important thing you should remember is to purchase items with a special meaning attached to them so that you’ll have more chances to increase sales. Without further ado, this is the best company swag for employees and clients.

Klean Kanteen Insulated TKWide – $27.95

5 Best Conference Swag Ideas for More Sales

The insulated bottle from Klean Kanteen is one of the items to include in your swag bad ideas for employees that will definitely increase your sales. You’ll be able to use it to promote your business, include it as a freebie to your marketing campaign, or to offer it to your clients.

Other than being a great product by itself, there are several reasons to choose it. For example, it will keep your clients’ drinks cold for up to 38 hours and warm for 11 hours. Of course, it also looks professional which is great to take around town, on a business trip, or to the office.

In addition, it will promote your business the right way and improve your company’s reputation which is definitely another reason to use it to drive more sales.

Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Weekender Wool Throw – $150.00

5 Best Conference Swag Ideas for More Sales

The throw blanket from Faribault can be included in your swag bad ideas for employees, can be distributed at business events, or send as a gift to clients or customers. It is a premium gift with a slightly higher price tag, however, it is very much worth the price.

It is a comfortable blanket, it has an original and beautiful design, and it will keep everyone warm during the day. Whether you’re thinking about attracting more leads with your marketing campaign or to improve your company’s reputation with a premium freebie, this is exactly the product you are looking for.

Last but not least, it is available in different styles to please everyone, men or women, businessmen, or directors. The throw blanket from Faribault is one of the best conference swag ideas 2020 to consider.

Incase City Compact Backpack – $99.95

5 Best Conference Swag Ideas for More Sales

The city compact backpack from Incase isn’t only a great accessory to include in employees’ swag bags but it’s also an excellent gift idea to improve your working relationship and drive more sales.

All your clients will be able to take around their 16’’ laptop, their iPad, notebooks, headphones, and much more. It has a large compartment, a professional and premium look, and a comfortable grip to make your client’s life easier.

Additionally, it is the perfect accessory and they’ll eventually use it daily to commute to work. To wrap up, it’s one of the best conference swag ideas 2020 that you can consider.

Nomad Mousepad Rustic Brown Leather – $59.95

5 Best Conference Swag Ideas for More Sales

This mousepad is like no other accessory and is certainly one of the best swag bag ideas for employees. Of course, it isn’t the typical versatile gift that you can use in many situations.

However, it can be used at the office, when working from home, when browsing the internet in their free time, and much more. It is made of a stunning Horween brown leather and it was designed to be large enough to take full advantage of it while remaining compact on a desk.

Lastly, it comes with a microfiber travel bag and was made with high-quality material that is smooth, pleasant to touch, and will definitely increase sales with your clients.

To sum up, if you want to get an affordable yet premium looking item for all your customers, this is the right one to attract them more and drive more sales.

LARQ Bottle Granite White 17oz – $95.00

5 Best Conference Swag Ideas for More Sales

The LARQ bottle is another one of the bag ideas that actually provide some swag to your clients and customers and that will ultimately get your company more sales. Sure, it is more expensive than other items on this list. But, it will show your clients that you actually value and appreciate them, and that’s exactly why you should consider it.

Furthermore, it is available in different colors which are all stunning from the first till the last. The LARQ bottle cleans itself with its powerful laser, can entirely clean the water inside, and turns on by itself every 2 hours to ensure cleanliness.

Why would it increase your sales? Simply because it shows appreciation, it is a practical item, and it will give more value to your swag bags during your business events.

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