It’s pretty amazing being a woman as her enormous beauty is a powerful weapon to her path. Beside thinking everyone has a certain beauty and unique, every girl wishes to be the prettiest. It is quite negative thought of them as the business world keeps on eye to grab those ladies as a bit.

If you ever dreamed to look like a certain celebrity or a model? If you ever thought having a perfect body a celebrity has? If so, you are trapped. By placing photo-shopped and computer-enhanced models in advertisements, society has built up impossible standards of beauty , which has led to feelings of inadequacy among women.This can cause a pessimistic perception of one’s body image and self. Image and this dissatisfaction has resulted in anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and low self confidence in many women. By portraying an ideal and beautiful body of role-models, the medias indirectly uses the women’s sexuality too. If you ever thought why the values of women get lesser and they become too obsessed?

Dear ladies, stop spending so much time trying to become beautiful. You are already attractive. True beauty comes from the ability to be your self, no matter you are fat, pale skinny or whatever.