Among audiophiles and music enthusiasts, there has been a constant debate on which is better, analog or digital. And this is a valid argument, some argue that the sound produced by vinyl is closest to the original recording of the artist, while digital music aficionados say that there is not much difference and this format is cleaner and more polished. Honestly, it’s quite impossible to resolve this matter, because it seems that this debate needs no discussion, to begin with. 

Why do some people prefer vinyl records played on turn-table?

An audiophile or music aficionado understands that the point of listening is not about the perfect sound experience, but rather the joy is in the process of creating music. If that’s the case, you should not pass out the opportunity to the listening experience only analog technology can give.

Here are other possible reasons why some people still prefer vinyl on a turntable:

  • Quality of sound – when listening to vinyl, you will notice the difference in sound, and that vinyl is better than mp3 or CD format in more ways than one. Digital audio has been the popular format for more than a decade, and most say that when they heard vinyl for the first time,  they notice the slight difference as far as sound quality is concerned. 

Playing vinyl on a turntable creates an omnidirectional sound that seems to surround the room way better. Vinyl also has more detailed reproduction not in huge ways,  but the greatness lies in subtle instruments and other sounds. 

  • Crackling noise – the turntable has a needle that runs to the vinyl and this creates an avoidable hum that plays along with the music. There are occasional crackling sounds there too, and for some music enthusiasts, that is nostalgic, artistic, poetic, and romantic. 
  • Tangible Experience – music enthusiasts love to connect with their music not only through sound. They want a tangible experience like the physical album case on their hands, the smell of vinyl when they pull it out and touching the vinyl as they lay it out on the turntable.    
    MP3s cannot provide that experience that’s why some people still prefer vinyl. 
  • Memorabilia – the sleeves, and the vinyl record itself bring you back in time. And they make a great display in any part of your room. Even some non-audiophiles buy vinyl solely because of its appeal and the potential to become a collector’s item 10-20 years from now.  

Wait, aren’t turntables obsolete?

The answer is both yes and no as it would seem. Most people actually thought that turntables will remain relics of the not so distant past. And this is accurate ’cause only a few years ago, turntables can only be found on antique and thrift shops, and few online stores. Few are on a mint and working condition, but most are not.

This case is true until 2007 when vinyl records slowly made a comeback, and some few years later, Sony announced that they joined the revival of the format. Eventually, turntables made a comeback as well and their now equipped with new features thereby adapting to modern music technology. 

They’re great as classics, why infuse technology in turntables?

The reasons are adaptability to modern times, affordability,  and more options for the user. With this, a win-win solution is given for both purists audiophiles, music fans, and even casual listeners.

Mint condition classic turntables are rare and expensive but there’s a market for it. New turntables, on the other hand, varies on price and digital features. What’s important is that you can buy one now at a price that’s affordable and with the convenience of modern aesthetics and features.

Millions of songs are accessible online, why still buy turntables? 

Yes, digital music comes in millions, available anywhere, anytime, and when you want. Just with a touch of a button on your smartphone, you can access various online streaming sites and the choice of what songs to listen to is close to infinite. And that is where the problem comes in.

See, the convenience brought about by music digitalization is the same reason why some people went back to the simplicity and basic features of a turntable. That is to experience the pure joy of listening to a good record, with all that patience of listening to all the tracks of a long play (LP) album, without skipping and ads.

Imagine this: you swing the arm of the turntable, the needle lowers over the rolling vinyl record Then, in just a moment, a crackling sound emits and the song begins to play. It’s just you now and the music.

Here are five more reasons why you should have a turntable :

1. Connection and interaction with the music –  with a turntable, you’re involved and engaged in the process of playing a tune. From pulling out the vinyl from its album sleeve, placing it on the spinner, lifting the turntable’s tonearm, you lower the needle, and the music plays.

That is commitment right there, then you drown on the music as you dedicate your time to listen to your record collection

2. Turntables are now more affordable – with its revival, more brands came into the picture of producing their own turntables. This is good for the consumers as what once a record player only a few people can afford is now made available for more people. Some models only cost $100 USD and you can already enjoy the experience of vinyl record playing. 

For enthusiasts who don’t mind the cost, there are great turntables that cost more than $1000 USD.  This price is still cheaper compared to mint condition old phonograph players.

For a complete guide on the available turntables today, check this site out.   

3. You have more time away from the screen – admit it or not, a smartphone is a necessity but it also gives you a lot of stress. You may have spent time in creating all your digital playlist, but the seemingly endless choice of tracks sometimes overwhelm you until you can’t decide what to listen to.  Try putting your phone for a while, unplug from the digital world, play a record on the turntable, and let your eyes rest. 

4. Turntables add style to your home –  along with your other entertainment systems, place a record player in the middle or in the side, and on top or underneath it is a shelf of your record collection. It has a unique character and surely, any guests will be attracted to your new turntable.

5. More options now for the user – new turntables now have some neat features. You can go classic style with a manual turntable, or you can choose automatic where the arm that already moves with just a touch of a button.

Turntable designs have improved as well to adapt to modern users. Some turntables even have digital add ons which include an MP3 converter, Bluetooth connectivity, and portability through rechargeable batteries.    

The bottom line 

Nothing else can be compared with the nostalgia, the tangible, and unique listening experience that can only come from vinyl records spinning on a turntable. Online streaming of digital music can’t top that.

Plus, vinyl records are the closest you can with the master quality, it’s like you’re there during the recording and mixing of a song. And no other music player can match the warm and crisp sound of the vinyl playing, crackle, and the spinning of the turntable. 

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