Coronavirus has absolutely rocked the world and brought it to a near standstill, shutting down much of the world’s economy. One of the industries that has been hit the most is the tourism industry. Most of the world’s most famous destinations have been closed, and those that are still open may not be the safest to travel. Many people have an aversion to traveling right now, as they fear contracting COVID-19 while traveling. After all, many people are forgoing even basic tasks such as going to the grocery store or touring Chicago houses for sale, so why would they risk traveling? That being said, there are some places that are relatively safe to go to during the current pandemic. So where should you go if you’re dying to travel during these trying times? Here are five safe trips to take during COVID-19.

Road Trip

You may be weary of flying in the middle of everything that’s going on, but driving around with members of your household is a completely safe option of traveling. When you take a road trip, you aren’t at risk of exposing yourself to anyone that has the virus. As a result, you can drive to almost anywhere safely, making day trips by car a great way to escape your home. Just be careful, as although you may not get it from people in your car, COVID can still be transferred from other people that you aren’t traveling with. Stopping to get food or at a tourist destination can still bring you into contact with the virus. As a result, you’re better off taking road trips that will bring you to destinations that won’t bring you into contact with other people.


Although you may think that going to the beach is a terrible idea during a pandemic, it can actually be a safe trip as long as you follow guidelines. Beaches are wide and expansive, meaning there is plenty of room for you to lay out and still maintain proper social distancing. One can still fully enjoy the beach safely as long as they follow guidelines and stay away from other people. However, you may want to stay away from the boardwalk or other places that may be filled with crowds. As long as you’re safe and careful, going to the beach can still be a great trip to take during the pandemic.


Another safe trip that you can take during COVID is a camping trip. Although going to a crowded campground is probably not in your best interest, there’s no reason why you can’t socially distance in the great outdoors. Simply go to a campground that isn’t crowded and provides you with enough space to properly socially distance. If you’re outside in nature for most of the time, chances are that you’ll have plenty of distance between you and other people. Just ensure that you’re following mask and social distancing guidelines when you do potentially risky activities such as signing into the campground.

National Parks

Similar to camping, hiking and exploring through various parks and natural areas. Although access to some parks is either restricted or forbidden, there are several parks that are still open and available to visit. National parks are wide and expansive, so the chances of you bumping into other park goers is extremely limited. As a result, one can easily follow social distancing guidelines while hiking and exploring through national parks. If you’re looking for a safe trip to take during COVID, exploring a national park may be one of the best options.

5 Safe Trips To Take During Covid


Although technically not a trip, having a “staycation” is a great way to have a fantastic time and stay safe from COVID-19. Staying in your home is one of the best ways to avoid coming in contact with the virus, meaning that this is by far the safest option on the list. Although you might think that staying home for your vacation would be extremely boring, that doesn’t always have to be the case. There are a wide variety of ideas that you can use to make your stay at home just as fun as traveling to any other destination. For example, you can make your own home spa, have a themed movie night, or even just kick back and relax by your pool. Although a staycation may not be the ideal way to spend your vacation time, it’s what you make of it and will definitely be the safest option on this list.

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