Everyone dreams to have a beautiful love story. Daily in movies, fiction, and even in social media we hear and see how people are getting united, how they enjoy their life with the loved ones, and how great their lives are! When we look at such stories and when we hear such tales, we all tend to idealize the meaning of love and life and we easily become dissatisfied with what we have. You would not any longer see how great your partner is or how beautiful your relationship is.

So, we thought of sharing some truths about every relationship that you should know. All that you see and hear are not, of course, is completely true, and therefore, don’t judge your relationship based on what you see on popular media! Scroll down to see some basic things that you must know and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

#1. happy couples are always together.

We generally think that happy couples always spend time together. But, this is not really true. Each person would like to spend some time alone to recharge themselves, to focus on their career and other life goals and when this happens, the partner should understand the situation and give him/her the time that they need. It does not mean that they have stopped loving you and on the contrary, it helps to preserve feelings and give a new meaning to your relationship.

#2. happy partners adore each other’s relatives and friends.

You have selected your partner and not their family. So, it is totally alright if you don’t feel okay with his/her family. You just need to interact properly and have good communication and apart from that, you need not be very much fond of them. it would undoubtfully be great if you naturally love them but don’t worry if you don’t. It is totally alright to feel like that.

#3. happy couples never fight.

The perfect couple that you see in movies might never have had an argument or fight and therefore, you can be pretty upset when you have fought in your relationship. But having fights is actually a healthy sign of a good relationship. You care too much about the opinion and concern of your partner and being worried really shows that you need each other to survive. On the other hand, when you don’t care about what is going on in your relationship, you will simply let the other live in their own ways and there would be fewer fights as there is minimum talk. However, we don’t say that having fought all the time would be a good thing. it is okay to have minor quarrels and making up at the end of these fights would be nice too.

#4. happy partners have the same interests.

You all would have heard that people with common interests are making super pairs. But, this is not really the truth. We all are much different from each other and therefore, we all can have different interests and hobbies in our lives. It will never be a hardship in your relationship and being different will only make your partner be more attentive to your needs.

#5. there must be a passion at the beginning.

We all have heard that a good relationship begins with passion. You are supposed to feel butterflies in your stomach and your heart supposed to beat fast. But in reality, what a good relationship actually means is feeling comfortable in each other’s presence. You should feel at ease with your partner and you should be able to laugh out loud even to the weirdest thing your partner does.


Your partner will always be not perfect. But, remember it is quite natural and always try to fit yourselves into each other’s shoes.

Preview photo credit: forlackofabettercomic.com

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