When you consume THC, the high that you feel doesn’t come from the flower. Rather, it comes from microscopic trichomes along the surface of each bud. Each mushroom-shaped hair is loaded with THC, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

When trichomes dry out, they fall from the bud in a powdery form known as kief. You can easily harvest your own kief by using a three-chamber grinder and letting it fall to the bottom, or you can use a specially designed sifter box. 

However you harvest it, kief can offer a potent and cost-effective way to enhance your smoking experience. Here, we’ll go over five of the best things to do with kief to make the most of your stash. 

01. Add Kief to Your Bowl or Joint

One of the easiest things to do with kief is simply sprinkling some on top of the buds in your bowl. Adding just a pinch can increase potency, meaning that you smoke less flower per session to get the same effect. This is sometimes referred to as “crowning.”

You can also smoke kief straight by adding it to a joint or blunt. As with a bowl, just sprinkle some on top of the flower inside before sealing the paper. You can also coat the joint in wax or oil and dip it in a fine layer of kief powder for a powerful effect. 

02. Sprinkle Some Kief Into Your Morning Coffee

Coffee lovers might not be aware that they can spice up their morning beverage by sprinkling in a little bit of kief powder. One of the best things to do with kief in the morning is to add just a gram or so of kief in a medium cup of coffee. Doing so will produce a buzz that will last for hours.

To make kief coffee, you need to make sure that the water is heated to boiling when you add the kief. High temperatures decarboxylate kief to activate the cannabinoids present, giving you a high that’s very similar to an edible. As a stimulant, caffeine may work to counteract the drowsiness brought on by THC, though it does little to improve impaired memory function.  


03. Turn Your Kief Into Hash or Rosin

Many cannabis users are familiar with hash, also known as hashish, as a way to enhance their smoking experience. What you may not realize is that hash and kief are essentially the same thing. Blocks of hash are made of kief that has been compressed into a solid form. 

It’s easy to make hash from kief at home. Just collect your kief and place it into a pollen press. Pack your kief as tightly as you can and twist the pollen press firmly. You’ll be left with a firm, amber-colored hash that you can smoke, vape, or sprinkle over a bowl. 

If you want something a bit more potent, you can turn your kief into rosin, a solventless extract that’s produced using a combination of pressure and heat. Simply fold the kief securely into a piece of parchment paper, and then heat it from the outside using a clothing iron, a straightening iron, or even a jar filled with boiling water. For even better results with half the effort, you can use a rosin press to do the job. 

04. Cook a Batch of Kief Butter

Edibles are a great way to get an intense, long-lasting high without putting the same strain on your lungs. However, some cannabis users are put off by the skunky taste of flower in their food.

Kief butter is a potent alternative to cannabutter with a much milder taste. Just make sure to decarboxylate the powder before adding it to butter or oil. Bake it in an ovenproof dish for around 20 minutes at no more than 240℉ to activate the cannabinoids, then enjoy.

05. Brew a Kettle of Kief Tea

Kief tea is similar to kief coffee in that it produces an effect similar to an edible. Because tea has less caffeine, you’ll get much more of a true high than you would with coffee, making kief tea a good treat before bed. 

You can add milk to your tea for a more intense effect to help with the decarboxylation process. The extra fat helps to extract THC more efficiently, so it’s best to use high-fat milk or cream for maximum potency. 

5 Things You Can Do With Kief

Explore All the Ways to Consume Kief 

Because kief is so versatile, it offers something for everybody—from the avid smoker to the coffee connoisseur. Try a few different consumption methods, and discover what works best for you. Just remember that a little goes a long way. This is extremely potent stuff, so monitor your dosage carefully! 

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