Although churches in Europe are well known for their historical value and architecture, the churches in America are well recognized for their church signs filled with humor and intelligence.

Most likely outside of a food store or a retail store where you find writing of funny messages on their walkway to attract and lure people inside, churches in America use funny board signs to draw people who religiously faithful to their knees and also to make someone, who walk past the church, “smile”, which is a common expression which is hard to get from most of the people nowadays. There is a very good chance that more young crowd will draw to these funny signs as those get more stylish and get more suitable for the current society.

Speaking of these trends, the latest in the church sign pictures posted on Twitter which are sinfully funny. Although we cannot agree to everything which is expressed in church signs, There are some creations which are out of this world. These saying will make you forget the roughness of your current situations in life. Check out the below 50 signs which are unforgivingly funny and do not forget to make your own saying on the comment section.

(h/t: 22 Words| boredpanda)

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