A group of Japanese scientists had discovered a grave where a large number of fish lies, a kind of fish that had died a long time ago about 50 million years back.  As it described  in the published journal, proceedings of the royal society B it shows a group of fish. When observed it resembles a school of fish, a behavior which is seen in fish in the modern times. So it seems that the behavior of schooling had existed even at that time. It cannot be said clearly if that was the way they had been swimming as the fossils take some time to form.

Michael Benton who is a vertebrate paleontologist at University of Bristol, England had said to Lucas Joel at the New York Times that it doesn’t resemble a shoal of young fishes. Also he had not been a part of the study. More info & Photo courtesy: Royal Society

The study author had studied that the slab is similar to a one at the  Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum in Katsuyama, Japan. Although it was found in the Asian continents it has some  sediments from the green river in the US. as for the research members there are about 259 fish in the slab. This kind of fish is Erismatopterus levatus, which is less than an inch in size.

#1. The School of fossilized fish.

They have compared the fish’s positions with the fish in modern times as the fish in now waters follow certain ways to avoid getting collapsed with each other. But as they could not find any similarities they had used computer techniques too. Their predictions say that the movements of fish in a coordinated way might match as one might expect.

Mizumoto had said to Carolyn Wilke at Science News that if it proves it could be a good evidence to show the behavior of ancient fish which had gone extinct. 

They way that the fish had died and facts are impossible to tell. Maybe they have died by a quick happening. Also the fossil had represented the 3D happening in a 2D manner. Benton had said to Joel that he thinks researchers have done their best to give the school life.

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