People and their personalities differ from one person to another. They are visible to the outer world in a totally different way. But Photography is an art that lets you capture the subject you wish to capture in an aesthetic and from the perspective of the photographer.

This is an experiment done to define how perspectives and angles matter in portraying a subject. It reveals the power of photography how one person can be tagged with different personalities. Canon Australia organized this experiment to show the world that photography is not mere documentation of things, but actually, an art that has the ability to rewrite reality on its own lens. Scroll down to check out the rest of this amazing experiment.More info & Photo | facebook | Instagram


This photo shoot was done by six different photographers to capture their subject; Michael. They were supposed to capture Michael in different profiles that they were assigned to. They are contrasting identities such as an alcoholic, millionaire, fisherman, and so on.

The same artist, the same setup, and this set of photographers played with angles and perspectives to create the persona they are assigned to, out of this mutual model.

The results were amazing, a simple portrait photo by each photographer serves their goal. Michael did indeed seem to have every single identity in each picture. It is a hidden attribute in photography that real artists can twist and turn according to their taste. For the people who consider photography just as only a mode of documentation, check these photos out.

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#2. Millionaire

#3. Psychic

#4. Ex-Convict

#5. Fisherman

#6. Life Saver

#7. Alcoholic


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