Got a long international flight coming up? And, this is your first-time experience of a long haul flight, right?

Apart from all the boredom and jetlag a long flight may cause, there is nothing worse than boarding an 12-hours flight and discovering you’ve left something important back home.

So, to minimize the odds of such a situation happening to you, in this post, we’ve curated a practical list of essentials you must pack for a long flight. Let’s find out:-

#1 Water Bottle

One thing that a long-haul flight is guaranteed to do is leave you dehydrated and believe me those tiny cups provided in the flight won’t quench the thirst. So, take a water bottle, and gently ask the cabin crew to fill it for you. Not only you stay hydrated during the flight but also do your bit to save the environment from less-degradable plastic cups.

In case, if you are a nervous flyer, then you must take prior fear of flying courses to mentally prepare yourself for a long-haul flight. Otherwise, you’re going to have the hardest times of your life in the flight.

#2 COVID-19 Protection Essentials

6 Long-Haul Flight Essentials To Pack

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, air travel has changed dramatically. Now, travellers need to keep sanitizers all the time with them; wearing face masks is compulsory all the time. So, it is imperative to thoroughly think about the things you require to protect yourself from the coronavirus infection. This is necessary not only for one’s health but also for the entire human community.

#3 A Sleep Kit

If you’re going for a long-haul flight, and you don’t want jet lag, then you’re going to need some sound sleep. However, the problem is the crying baby in the back seat and the reading light used by the lady next to you; it’s hard to fall asleep.

But, this is where the earplugs and eye masks come into play. However, be aware of low-quality eye masks that snug, causing irritation on the face, and earplugs that feel like you’ve crammed tissue into your ears.

#4 Bring a Book

Well, during a 12-hours long flight, let’s devote two to four hours listening to music and watching a movie. Apart from this where you’re going to pass the rest of the time? The best answer would be to read a book, and you’ll end up passing the time really quickly.

#5 A Pair of Soft and Comfortable Socks

You cannot spend your entire 12-hours flight wearing sneakers or leather shoes. Also, you don’t want to grapple under the seat every time you walk up and go down the aisle. The best solution is a pair of socks to keep you comfortable, but also give some sense of protection against the dirty flooring.

#6 Pack your Medication

Obviously, you’re going to pack all the necessary medicines you take daily, but it is a no-brainer to have just-in-case medicines. Most airlines don’t have a restrained attitude when it comes to handing out a pill to the passengers, so it is best to pack your own.

Dehydration during a long haul flight can lead to headaches, sinus problems can be triggered by the cabin pressure, and overeating can cause stomach issues. So, pack medication takes into account all these possible situations.

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