You probably know this already but water is quite important for your body. This makes sense as 60% of your body’s composition is made up of water. It is essential to every cell and impacts your whole body’s functionality and performance. But drinking lots of water isn’t everyone’s priority. Many people only drink water when they’re thirsty and that’s not the healthiest way to live. Here are a few reasons to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Promotes cardiovascular health

Blood cells are mostly composed of water and staying hydrated keeps your blood volume optimum. Your heart pumps this blood to get oxygen to your cells. Your body can tell you through various symptoms if your blood doesn’t have enough oxygen. The lack of water lowers the blood volume, making it harder for the heart to pump the blood. This can make physical activities like running or exercising more difficult and breath-consuming.

Keeps kidneys healthy

Your kidneys use water to filter and excrete waste from your blood through urine. Staying hydrated keeps this system running and functional. But lack of water may reduce or stop your kidneys from working which is quite dangerous. Drinking lots of water may also prevent any kidney stones from building.

Water keeps your kidneys healthy but if you are urinating more than normal (8 or more times a day), you should visit your doctor and get examined for an overactive bladder. Prescription drugs like Toviaz help treat this issue. You can get this drug at a low cost by using the Toviaz coupon code at PricePro Pharmacy.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Lubricates the joints

The joints in your body require water to stay lubricated and flexible. Dehydration may cause pain in your joints while moving and other mobility issues. The cartilage contains up to 80% water and requires good hydration to function well. The Synovial fluid that lubricates the cartilage’s movement is also primarily composed of water.

Helps with physical performance

Studies have shown that water helps maximize your physical performance. During long physical activities with high exertion, it is particularly important to keep yourself hydrated. Losing as little as 2% of the water in your body can have visibly negative effects like lack of motivation, imbalanced body temperatures, and high fatigue. Body muscles are 80% water, so staying hydrated helps prevent these issues.

Moisturizes the skin

Severe dehydration may cause your skin to become less elastic. This is not the same as dry skin, which is caused by applying soap or exposing your skin to dry air. Water moisturizes your skin and improves its appearance. Staying hydrated will make your skin fresh and help you look younger.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Can prevent and treat headaches

Dehydration can cause headaches and migraines for some people. Some studies have revealed headaches to be a common symptom of dehydration. There is still research being done about the positive effects of hydration against headaches and their frequency. Nevertheless, it is still recommended that you drink water regularly to reduce the chances of developing a migraine.

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