Typically; depression can be known as a really common mood disorder which arises when the individual is suffering with physical, mental or a social weakness. Depression makes massive changes in an individual’s life by changing the way of thinking, feeling etc. Other than that; great changes can be seen in day-to-day life activities.  So, guys, let us have a brief look at the most common signs that indicates one is depressed. 

1. Considerable changes in sleeping cycle

If you experience huge changes in your daily sleeping cycle, it can be an early sign of depression. Lack of sleep as well as oversleeping can be known as early signs which indicate that you have been depressed.

2. You are in lots of pains and aches

When you are in a phase of so much depressed, you might experience a number of physical complaints including pain in the stomach, Muscles, headache and back pain etc. When make medical investigations; you will realize that these pains and aches are lack of any medical-related background.

3. Significant changes in the weight

Sudden weight gain as well as the weight loss signals you that you are depressed as depression makes a great impact on the appetite. Some individuals have experienced enhanced appetite which leads to the stage of weight gain. Just like that, there are individuals who have experienced less interest in meals so that undergone through weight loss.

4. No interest for daily activities

When you get depressed you will feel no in interest for most of your favorite daily tasks in your routine. Some people even lose the interest for sexual activities too. Moreover; the depressed people show less interest for their hobbies and social events like parties and other functions.

5. Violent feelings

Usually; a certain amount of depressed people get so much violent feelings in their inner mindset. When the depression level goes higher violent feelings might convert into physical actions.

6. Lowering of the tolerance

The tolerance level goes down when you are depressed. It means that your mind fails to remain at rest. When the tolerance level goes down, your temper will be shortening. In addition; you will be in angry or unhappy mood most of the times.

Though there are a lot of signs that indicate that you are depressed, here, we discussed about sis major signs out of them. We are going to wind up the post with the promise of covering more under this topic through our upcoming posts.