Sometimes, we sense certain people that we associate to be really special. We just don’t know whether it is their way of talking, their presence or simply the attire, that make them be that much special but, we feel good to be with them. You might have also heard people telling the same thing about you. In truth, there are actually special ones among ordinary people. They are as known as lightworkers, earth angels or something like that.

Lightworkers always try to share their light as much as possible. They are filled with harmony and goodwill, and they only want to make the earth a better place. They will sometimes act as old souls who are concerned about the well-being of the earth.

Earth angels are another type and their basic concern is living in peace. They don’t like to see fights and arguments and they prefer to live with love, laughter, and joy. Sometimes they would be the most selfless people that you have ever met in your life. They will try their best to spread peace and harmony and therefore, can be often frustrated about our current affairs.

So, if you feel that you can be one of them, read the points below to clarify whether you are one of them.

1. They are highly sensitive

They have literally come to the world to make it a better place and therefore, all the problems in the world can be tormenting for them and make them frustrated. They will feel desperate for a change. They generally avoid large gatherings and crowds as the conflicting energy make them anxious.

They are highly sensitive to violence and hatred and always try to separate themselves from the outer world.

2. They love alone time

They often get frustrated with the menace of the outer world and therefore search for time to be alone and heal themselves. They often need alone time to recharge and to be prepared for the daily mess they have to undergo. Their attempt for healing lies basically on their need to turn out to be the better version of them.

3. They care deeply for others

Earth angels always feel empathetic towards others and feel like helping them in their need. They know their capabilities and try their best to use their power to make the world a better place. They always feel as if they are connected with humans and therefore, they don’t like to see them suffer. They would keep aside anything to help the suffering ones and would try their best to spread solace.

4. They feel called to a particular purpose

They would not follow the ideological pathways on earth as getting married, raising kids and having a job and instead they would focus more on doing well to the fellow humans. They are not programmed and cannot be conditioned by the stigma in society. Most of the times, Earth Angels might be working as humanitarians, social workers, counselors and in the professions that they can do a service to the society.

5. They have a strong intuition

These people make decisions not based on logic but on the basis of their emotions and intuition. They are naturally connected with arts, emotions, and music and they feel more deeply than others. Often, they do what they feel in heart and maybe not logic and reason.

6. They reject most of the modern ‘ideals’

They often get confused in the modern world. Why do people do jobs that they don’t like? Why does a job come first in everything? Why do they consume a lot and give little in return? Why they pollute earth when it is the only place they can live? are often questioned by them. Many people try to go away from these earth angels as their principals are quite different from others.

Earth angels always wish the world to be a better place. They don’t like to see people being separated and isolated and instead, they like to see people working in harmony and cooperation. We all are filled with happiness, joy, and laughter but the outer circumstances in the world have made us be dumb. So they wish people to be more open and link with one another to make the world a better place.

So, if these signs are with you, you are probably an earth angel. We know your life is not easy but in the end, you would be rewarded for all the hardships that you undergo. So, always keep in your mind that you came here to the world, to shine brightly and do your best in the world.

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