A surprisingly unexpected call was received by Captain Eric Anderson of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

A 600-pound female sea lion was spotted by a resident on an early Sunday morning, which was sitting in the center of a country road.

It was quite unusual to see a sea lion such as her be this distant from water because she was 2 miles away from her home in the Cowlitz River.

As per OregonLive, “Steller sea lions are found alongside the northern Pacific Ocean yet usually travel up river systems. They roam around searching for food. [Scott Schroeder, WDFW wildlife officer] stated that he has witnessed sea lions in different places, even 30 or more miles upriver on the Cowlitz, but not in this background.”

It was a challenge for the wildlife officers to return the enormous sea lion back to the water.

The following clip illustrates how the rescue team tirelessly works to lure the sea lion (who is reportedly pregnant, too) onto a trailer and keeping her from going further into the forest.

The sea lion would not even survive if it wasn’t for the courageous officers.

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