Shiva is one of the most supreme being according to Hinduism. As per the modern major traditions in Hinduism, Shiva is the divine god within Shaivism.

Shaivism states that Shiva is the creator, protector and the transformer of the universe and as per Trimurti Shiva is the “destroyer of evil and the transformer”. He is among the five identical deities in Panchayatana puja of the Smarta tradition of Hinduism.

The 7 laws and conditions are clearly explained in “Dev Se Mahadev” by Aakash Kailash Vijayvargiya as follows.

Read the following to understand them better,

1. Truthfulness

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According to Shiva, he considers being truthful & honest is the most important law in life. The reality is highly recognized by him. Lies will temporarily solve or heal you but finally, the truth will be revealed. The more you live honestly the more you gain peace.

2. Education is god


Knowledge is the foundation for everything. Make your life more worth by adding values to your life. Gain more knowledge by learning something new. You might not know each and every fact in the world but you will develop yourself. It’s your responsibility to feed yourself with knowledge. Be greedy to learn.

3. Everything is a mirage


Is your own happiness virtual? Then your happiness is an illusion. Your contentment is what you observe in your life but it should be away from physical things. Pleasure is always in your path, it’s your ability to identify them. Live a humble life and be honest. Don’t overthink about the things that you possess.

4. Look beyond yourself

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Do you only think of your own happiness? But you get real happiness if you are willing to share your happiness. It means you deserve more. People are only aware of their self but be humble to allocate some time to look after another and spread to happiness.

5. Be formless

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Don’t always think and act inside a box. Go beyond and let your soul feel the surrounding. Whatever you face, be calm in all hard times. Think of inspiration such as water and let your life find the path and flow naturally.

6. Make use of all your senses

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To make your senses to work at the same rate, first, your mind should be at peace and independent. Set your mind in at a serene background and use all your senses. This will lighten your mind and will wake up your mind.

7. Awaken yourself


Enlightenment is one’s transformation from immaturity to maturity. Maturity is using their own ability to understand things without guidance where immaturity need guidance. Enlightenment is the final achievement of a person.

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