Modern times have been a bit cray-cray lately. Massive fires, public outbreaks against racial discrimination, cancel culture, almost a World War 3 and the ongoing pandemic situation. Well these are just a few on a long list of crazy things that happened in the recent past-present. So, many people moved their lifestyles into a virtual lifestyle, with work and most of the social interaction being done online.

Dating has been harder that ever since people do not get to go out socialize, meet new people or at least meet the few you know. The online dating and socializing has been mastered by a certain set of people in the society who has always been in touch with the online culture. Some of us are finding it alien and difficult to find our way through it. This is a story of a man who took advice from someone on online dating. He was a good listener, but he was a very good listener that he took it literally. Scroll down to check out the story. Also, feel free to comment your ideas down in the comments section below!More info & Photo courtesy: Glenn Embrey


The tip he got to look more approachable in the online dating game is to have pictures with filters. Well, it is evident by the photos he posted that he indeed tried different filters. He posted these pictures and he actually did get a LOT of attention but not the way that you think of. Scroll down and have a look!








He got some pretty awesome responses as well!


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