“We are meant to be in relationships with other people, but just as surely, we are meant to partake of aloneness. To deny this part of our existence is a little like trying to walk the earth on one foot instead of two” – Florence Falk.

In 1950, just 22 percent of American adults were single, and 4 million people lived alone. Currently More than 50 percent of American adults are single and nearly 27 million people live alone. The statistics prove that we’re more on our own than ever.

Alone time is quite different than loneliness, which carries some health risks, including increased risk of heart disease and depression. But having some “me time,” on the other hand is a an excellent idea.

Here are 7 reasons why being alone is actually good for you.

1. You will get to know yourself.

You will be happier when you can learn and understand who you are. You understand what motivates you to resist bad habits and develop good ones. You will have the insight to know which values and goals that you need to achieve.

2. You will enjoy your own company.

Being with other people can be risky, especially if they are negative, and you may not realize how much it can affect your life.

You can pick up a hobby that will provide you with a sense of accomplishment. Gardening, walking, learning a new language, cooking, reading, watching films etc… Just find something that gives you the opportunity to focus and work on.

3. You will be comfortable in your own skin

When you are finding your authenticity, it will help you to feel your inner beauty. You will automatically feel attractive and unique.

4. You feel more confident with your self

“With realization of one’s own potential & self confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” ~Dalai Lama

When sense of freedom is building in your mind, you will get more confident and it will make things easier to cope. You can be a happy individual with confidence when you can trust yourself.

5. You will be able to think for yourself

You live your life caring what other people think of you. Therefore, you will look for other’s opinions.

However, when you do have time to get your thoughts straight, you will become too busy focusing about yourself. You will not be looking around to see how other people are reacting to your actions. Therefore always try to listen to your heart and take control of your own life.

6. You will be more independent.

You can only shine when you know how to embrace your true self. When you stop depending on people, it makes you realize that you’re capable of doing anything you want by yourself.

7. Your creative side will flourish

You can achieve your creative side by shutting down the outside world.

You can take the advantage of silence to improve your creative work. When you are being alone, it can give you the time and space to focus on your most important work.

You should not fear to be alone because spending time with yourself and gaining a better understanding will help you to make better choices in your life.

“If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone.” – Maxwell Maltz.