Have you ever noticed that your friends, collogues and your close family relations are not aware of the real strength of your personality?

If you are a person, who does not follow others, not exactly working as per other people’s instructions or ideas and make your own plans, other people will be frightened of your behavior.

Do below signs sounds familiar to you?

If so you might be earning respect from other people, making them little bit frightened at the same time

1) You Read Other People Quickly.

The abilities you possess will be very strong, the people will like you within seconds after they meet you. People will have a positive mind towards you.

The people who do not like you, who are untrustworthy to you, will be unable to hide what they think of you and this will make them nervous about you.

You will not be afraid to ask them directly what is wrong with them and you will not hesitate to put them in the place where they belong to.

2) You will go straight to the point.


Do people tell you that you are “too honest” or “too blunt” often?

If so your personality may be making those people nervous who are around you.

Those people will start a conversation with you mostly a small talk which is not the conversation type you like to start with.

You will focus on a conversation much more important and theoretical rather than speaking about the lunch you had today, about latest celebrity gossip or your next door neighbor’s vacation plan.

3) You will always find your place in the minority.

You do not follow the procedure which other people expect to get from you. You will not follow what they ask from you making them not understanding your personality.

This is because you are proud of being an independent thinker, it is like that you are alone with the opinions you make occasionally and people will not be in your side.

The people who have low self-confidence will be frightened of your behavior as they will not understand the way you get your own opinions approved without seeking others acceptance.

These people will realize that your IQ level is much higher than theirs. They will not be able to mingle with you and they will keep away from you. This will not be an unexpected thing to you.

4) You will not make excuses or expect from others.

You will not cry or think negatively about circumstances which you are in. And you will not let your positivity vanish even you will find yourself in a critical situation.

There is no place in your life from negative people who always complain about the situations where they are in.

When you set a goal you will not complain or even be negative. You will complete it in a positive way without been lazy and without delaying it.

Although you are a good person who loves society your aim to achieve the goal will show you as a tough person. In this situation, people will be frightened about your behavior.

But you will not a person who will not think about people who are in bad situations. And you are not a person who is impatient about people who delay to come out from the bad situations.

5) You are not a person with jealousy.


You will not be jealous of people for what they have.

You know that other people’s wealth does not affect your success. Therefore, you do not waste time worrying about other people’s wealth.

When you congratulate people on their accomplishments you congratulate from your heart without any jealousy.

Your capability to focus on your goals will make other people jealous and will also make them frightened.

6) You love new opportunities.

You will not stay in a comfort zone like others. You will look for opportunities far more advance which other people will not dare even to try.

You will take into consideration that life has given you a lot of opportunities and you will explore new ideas.

You will see problems which have come to your life as a blessing. You will not see the problem in a negative way and you will try to solve it in different tactics.

You will not lose confidence easily. If one way you approach the problem does not work, you will find another way and try it.

7) You will find that it is hard to make stupid people agree with your concepts.


Your attitude to approach situations in a positive way will make stupid people annoying.

Sometimes you will think “Why don’t they just read a book once in a while?” or “There’s no excuse for being that ignorant!”

Although you are a kind-hearted person it is not necessary to stay with other people who do not understand your high level of understanding problems and taking necessary action.

Is this personality which making people nervous a blessing of the curse?

Sometimes you will scare away friends and partners who will be an asset to your life.

But the person who will understand your values will stay with you whatever happens. Those are true friends and partners.

In life, you will meet a lot of new people. There is a chance that you will make a good group of people who will understand you and your ways to approach a situation correctly.

Be positive with your striving personality! Your positivity will get you to your goals. Been pro-active will gain success in every way in your life.