Narcissists would win an award for pretending because they are that much good in that. They will pretend to be your best friend, your soul mate yet they do all these dramas until you are trapped in their mesh and when they completed their mission, you will be mere trash for them.

You will always be attracted for them because of the certain things that they do and you will not be able to understand their real face till the end. They will use to grab what they want and you will be just a pawn under their power.

Here are 7 things that they will do to make you a victim of their plans. Be conscious of these and try to get away from the people who use these tricks on you.

1. They will mask their true nature.

They will do almost anything to hide their real face. They will cry with you when they don’t feel even the slightest trace of sadness. They will laugh out loud when they don’t feel even a trace of happiness. What they basically want to do is to take advantage of your innocence and to achieve this they will cover up their real face. You will never know their inner self as never reveal it till the end.

2. They will make you compete for their affection.

They will use means to keep you enchanted to them and therefore, you will never do anything to break their heart. Even when you feel something is wrong with that person, you will cling for their attention because you are afraid to lose their good heart. You should be watchful about what you do in this case because even without your knowledge you can be a victim in their trap.

If you criticize the narcissist, he/she will use a third person to solve the dispute and ultimately will end up in making you the bad guy.

3. They will blame you.

Narcissists are always perfect or that is what they believe them to be. There is nothing wrong in what they do or say and therefore, if they are out of a mood or if something bad happens to them, the responsibility of those things will fall into your account. They will blame you for all the bad things that happen and you will be the culprit all the time.

4. They will make you feel ashamed.

Narcissists will use to gain their own ends. You will confide in them and share your deepest secrets with them and at the end, they will use those things to gain the advantage of you. They will spread rumors creating a very bad picture of you and you will be totally helpless at the end.

5. They will use gaslighting.

A narcissist will use gaslighting to brainwash you and to control you. They will make you feel empty and you will begin to doubt your own self. You will be confused and will tend to lose your self-worth and identity.

6. They will idealize and devalue you.

In the idealize phase they will admire you as there is no one else who is that much great as you and you will surely fall into their trap. You will believe that one from whole your heart and that’s where the disaster begins.

In the devaluing phase, the narcissist will show you the real face and you will be too late to turn back then. You will drain physically and emotionally and this would be such a hard period for you.

7. They will continue their manipulate game.

When you are forever ruined and done, the narcissist will go to find another victim to play their game.

So, don’t let anyone take advantage of you. Be conscious of the people you associate and have a self-guard.

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