In this current society, we cannot trust anybody. Although it is a different environment that we live comparing to the past surviving is not an issue anymore. But there some characters we always find irritating. We always wonder what it the reason for them to behave like that.

We have gathered up some irritating features and practices of some people which we always try to avoid.

1. Excessive altruism

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If we see kindness in someone we value about it so much. But sometimes some people take it to extra mile. Receiving kindness from someone may be annoying. Even though you are ready to help anyone anytime even it hurts you some people find it rather more suspicious.

According to research done by scientist, too much of selfishness and too much of selflessness are considered as hated and disliked by most people. It is not because of that people are ungrateful for what you are doing. But they may be uncertain and my question

“Is he or her expecting anything from them for the help he or she have done for them”. Then they will look at you with suspicious hearts.

2. Illiteracy


The people who always do spelling mistakes and not admitting it are showing themselves as unreliable. A few mistakes in your grammar when you express something in writing may be affected by some people and they will think negatively about you although you are a nice, polite and kind person.

A scientist has confirmed that it can be concluded whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert from their reaction for the typo errors and mistakes. Illiteracy always irritates introverts (who don’t like to communicate a lot and find it difficult to build social relationships). If you do not care about spelling mistakes you may be an extrovert.

But in this current society to be well educated is a must. It is not because only to make everyone love and respect you. International educational organizations have concluded that a person’s level of intelligence will affect his or her success and wealth.

3. Name-dropping

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No one likes braggers (especially those who mention they know prominent people). They will say that they will know celebrities. Swiss Scientists have found that name-dropping will not develop any positive reaction in any person. It is also found that the more you talk about your famous “buddies” the less the people will believe you. People will think that you are trying to control them by name-dropping.

4. Social media stars

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Social media accounts such as Facebook profiles or Instagram profiles tell a lot about a person. Sociologists and psychologists have done some researches and collected several indicators that could spoil your reputation.

i) Too many pictures. There are some people who post everything they do on social media. Those people post photos when they eat food in restaurants. They take photos of their dish from different angles. Even some of them take photos when they go to the barber in different ways to show how is their hair is done. These types of people will be treated with suspicion.

ii) Having thousands of friends on social media may be a reason for people not to trust you. They will think that the popularity in social media is only living world to that person. According to the researches done by scientist the acceptable friend list of a social media profile should be 338 active friends so you will not be confused or frightened by other people.

5. Looking too happy

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A smile can bring happiness and positive feelings. But too much of laughter may be another reason to annoy others.

Here’s what psychologists say: Excessive happiness and bliss cause to dislike. People who are too happy and satisfied (for no good reason) look naïve and even ignorant.

Additionally, if you’re always positive and cheerful, you might always receive the most unpleasant tasks. Since people will think that you’re not smart enough to assess the difficulty of tasks that come your way, and assume you won’t refuse to do them.

6. Difficult names

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Sometimes you will be an annoyance to others if you do not do anything physically or by any mean at all. People will be annoyed because of your name. According to 5 studies done by scientists, difficult-to-pronounce names are judged lest positively than easy-to-pronounce names. People with easy to pronounce names will be more successful and more respected by other people other than people with difficult names.

Do you have any ideas why this happen? Our brains function with suspicion to new and unusual things. If you have a long and a strange name, others will look at you with suspicion most of the time. This happens automatically. Have you ever come across celebrities change their birth name into a short and beautiful name as a stage name?

7. Excessive shyness

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People dislike the people who always blame on themselves. Those people will try to get more attention and good impression on his or her new friends or employers, some of those people hide their bragging under blame on themselves. Although those people think that these tricks go unnoticed but it will be noticed. Below is an example: Just say that you have been asked about your greatest weakness in a job interview.

Wrong answers:

· “I’m a perfectionist. I can’t sleep if something needs to get done and I can’t do otherwise.”

· “I’m a workaholic, weekdays and weekends are the same to me. Though I can’t really remember what my family looks like anymore.”

No one will believe these words. Fake shyness also affects person’s reputation and this will be one of the reasons for him or her not to get any promotion or get a good evaluation what they do for the company or the organization because they are not believed by others.

Bonus: About people who like no one and nothing.

Some people will criticize everything. They just cannot stay without criticizing anything. Like they have born with that. Like a part in their body. You will have to accept the truth. The Grinch hates Christmas, Scrooge McDuck despises poor people, and some people simply criticize everything. Psychologists have gathered a couple of facts explaining this issue: –

i) Social disposition. The disposition can be both positive and negative. People with a negative dispositional attitude are prone to a negative assessment of things and events: they’ll always find something they won’t like. People with a positive dispositional attitude always try to look on the bright side. Psychologists are sure that this disposition is like a character trait — it’s really difficult to change your perception.

ii) Social anxiety. People with an irrational fear of being watched or judged start criticizing others so they don’t feel alone.

So what do you think? Do you agree to the points mentioned above? Please share your thoughts with us in the below comments section.

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