Being in a narcissistic relationship is truly a difficult thing to deal with. A toxic partner could turn your world upside down, have the power to manipulate you without you even knowing, will try to keep you away from the truth or will try to force you to become a victim of your own mind.

So if you have been a part of such relationship, but anyhow you have found a way of release from it, congratulations. Because it was difficult, painful and hard experience but you were able to make it somehow.

Here are 8 clear signs that you are finally getting over a destructive relationship.

1. You can spot fake kindness and flattery easily.

Fake kind words won’t fool you anymore. Flattery doesn’t take an interesting place in your mind. And that wicked smile of theirs won’t manipulate you to believe their lies. Since you are a new person who got injured but experienced and wise enough before you once were. You are a person with a brand new spirit who reborn from ashes.

2. You refuse to call them.

You will get to know that you are finally out on your own when there is no need of calling them. It will take a lot of time of course because healing is not a process of 2, 3 days but more than that. Be patient. You are getting there slowly and you are doing great.

3. You finally find your place in life.

In the period of time where you were in that toxic relationship you have been fed by lies, manipulated your brain and they made you feel so worthless.

Luckily that’s over now and you are in a phase where you understand your self- worth. By the time you realize your worthiness you will make giant steps towards your journey to self-growth. You have the strength to cut them off and leave.

4. You started helping people with same experience.

You will start to help other people with the same issue while healing yourself. You are trying to help and save other souls who went through this and it is the surest sign. Having clear determination toward the people who fight the same battle and eventually it will make you to go forward and move on.

5. You are living your life to the fullest.

Your life is yours and it’s all about you only. You are no longer scared to express your feelings and emotions or share your thoughts with others because you are a free spirit now. You wake up and realize it’s your own life and what you decide is up to you and no one else. It was a brutal experience but you made it finally. Freedom is with you now.

6. Your emotion and mental state has improved.

Narcissistic relationship has the power to shatter your heart, destroy your determination and kill your dreams and goals you ever had. When you get over from a toxic relationship you managed to heal your own self in your own way. Your emotional state is improved and that will be one of the biggest sign which shows you are finally getting over from your ex.

7. You ignore their attempts at contact.

Whenever your phone gets a notification or lights up with their name, you have no reason to answer or reply because they are a part of your past and you have moved on already. Now you are out of that toxic cycle and you are happy. That’s what matters most.

8. You no longer care about their life.

The most important thing is you are no longer interested in their love life or their existence. You have got rid of childish tricks and mature enough to realize that your life is only yours to live. You will not be a victim again because you are aware of what they are capable of. And you will not settle for anything less than what you deserve. You are stronger than ever before.