When we are to look into rules and regulations of the modern dating world there are things that come into our mind. Either, that are certain aspects which need understanding. It’s important to either go big or home but it’s also important not to go home alone. If you are to look at love life you’ll finally understand how messed up and complicated it really is.

1. Back in the day love stories started when you used to bump into someone and you would be “Love-struck” but, nowadays it often starts by stalking one another on social media

2. The “Seen Zone”. Reading messages and leaving some purposely on Seen can be another reason why relationships take a wrong turn

3. The modern era will never let you go on a date without completely knowing who that other person is. Where’s the mystery?

4. You have to choose wisely at times and decisions can be very tough to make

5. Not everyone is supposedly a winner when it comes to the dating game because looks sure do matter

6. It’s also important to know that money plays a major role when it comes to dating

7. The difference

8. Well, he looks romantic

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