Back pain is a common reason for absence from work and for seeking medical treatment. It can be uncomfortable and debilitating. Most of the elderly people are experiencing back pain at some point in their lives, out of them around 10 percent of the people will be needing surgeries. For others, it can be treated with medicine or without undergoing surgery.

Auxx me has prepared a set of stretching exercise in order to ease the back within a very short period of time.

Stretch #1


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Frog use to be a pose I hated but then I started to bring it more into my practice and also in Dublin while taking my 300 hours teacher training I was naturally ? listenning to the lecture in this position and I started to enjoy it more and more and now when I think about it, I think I hated more the idea of frog than the pose itself! There is poses where I know I’m gonna suffer and I already hate it before to even do it and finally if I’m courageous enough to do it sometime it’s not actually that bad ? what is the pose that you hate the most ? #frogpose #practiceandalliscoming #yogapractice #practicewhatyoudontlike #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirl #yogainspiration #yogaforever #yogaeverydamnday #frog #parisianyogini #createamagicalyou ???

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• You need to bend your knees and sit on the floor. Subsequently, you need to put hands with palms down in front of you.

• You need to spread your knees as wide as possible. But do not strain them.

• Without lifting your feet, you need to try to touch the floor with the inner side of your thighs.

• You need to lower the chest as close to the floor as probable. For this stretching, you can get down on your forearms. You need to be in this position for up 30 seconds.

Stretch #2


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Day 3️⃣ of Yin/Yang #dynamicopposites challenge is Half butterfly for Yin and Infinity pose for Yang. Check out the amazing hosts for tips and variations. Hosts: @cathymadeoyoga @ellenmosko Sponsors: @mandukayoga @silverandsagejewelry @shankaranaturals @yogisecretbox @activateyourcore Pose list: Day 1 Swan ➡️ Figure-4 Toe Squat  Day 2 Dragon ➡️ Split Day 3 1/2 Butterfly ➡️ Infinity Pose? Day 4 Dragon fly ➡️ Firefly Pose Day 5 Cat Chasing its Tail ➡️ Bound Revolved Lunge Day 6 Square ➡️ Scale Pose Day 7 Saddle ➡️ Reclined Heroes Pose #mandukayoga #igyogachallenge #igyoga #yinyangyoga #yogachallenge #halfbutterflypose #infinitypose #yogamom #yogaathome #yogalove #yogiofinstagram #yogajourney

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• You need to Sit on the ground with your back straight. Straighten your legs in front of you.
• After that, you have to Bend your left leg and bring the foot to the inside of your right thigh.
• And Bring your arms frontward and stretch along your right leg toward the toes. hold in this position for like 30 seconds. Once you are done with one leg, repeat the same with other leg

Stretch #3


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about this one: that moment when you realize that you are doing too many challenges … again. ? luckily this one is short, sweet and all about chillin! ? ___ #Repost @pigeatsfish . #chillasanas 18-22 June . Don’t take things too seriously, and just chill.? . . Join us for a fun and short challenge to show us how you chill in your asana practice. _________________________________ Hosts @shiziks @shreeyoga @pigeatsfish @_monette . . Sponsors @dharmabumsactive @onzie @awakenthepeace _________________________________ Pose Line up: 1) Bound Angle ✅ 2) Pigeon 3) Lizard 4) Wide legged forward fold 5) Yogis choice _________________________________ Guidelines To Enter: 1) Repost This Flyer and Hashtag #chillasanas 2) Follow All Hosts and Sponsors 3) Tag a couple friends to join 4) Make sure your page is public, Post daily, hashtag #chillasanas with all posts, and tag all hosts and sponsors so we know you are playing along. . . . . #boundanglepose #badakonasana #justchillin #summer #yogaeverywhere #yogisofinstagram #yogagirl #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #yogalife #yogainspiration #fitness #fitgirl #fitspo #yogamotivation #igyoga #igyogafam #igyogacommunity #practiceandalliscoming #instayoga #yogaaddict

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• You need to Sit on the floor, slanting against the wall. Bend your legs and pull your heels up to your pelvis.
• You need to Press the feet together and lower the knees. Hold on your legs and pull your heels toward your pelvis as close as possible. Be in this position for 5 deep breaths.
• Then slightly stretch forward, lowering your head for 5 breaths.

Stretch #4


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The Thoracic Bridge ?? #fitnessvideo #thoracicbridge #howto #mobility #flexibility #hips #chest #shoulders #runandrelax #lululemon #motivation

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• You have to Lean on your knees and arms. Place the knees under the hips, and the hands under the shoulders.
• So then Get up on your toes, raise your knees slightly, and then raise your left hand. Bring the right leg under the body and put the foot on the floor.
• Roll the hips, then pull them toward the ceiling.
• You have to Stretch your left arm toward the wall, turning your chest to the floor. Hold this pose for a few seconds. Then return to the starting position and repeat the twist on the other side.

Stretch #5


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Difficult family, most of us have someone who gives us a hard time, or is often out to hurt us. As best we can avoid these people outside of family events, there are certain Holidays where we just can’t. Here are a few ideas to keep you grounded and focused on the Love and Good energy you have to offer :: Guard your energy. It’s easy to let your energy be influenced by others, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable. When tension is high, you can literally feel the energy in a room shift. Don’t let your energy be hijacked by anyone else. Decide how you want to feel and consciously, purposely set about to feel that way. Your own calm energy is your best asset, hands down. :: Then Visualize :: How can you guard your energy? A great visualization is called BOT (Big, Old Tree). Imagine yourself as a huge, tall, old tree with roots spreading deep into the ground and lots of branches and leaves extending out around you. Your roots and your thick, strong trunk are your true self, the part of you that can’t be affected by others. The only impact others might have is on your branches and leaves. They may come through like a storm and ruffle your leaves, but the ‘damage’ is superficial, temporary, and minimal. Your basic roots and trunk—who you really are—are not affected. When there is tension in the room, visualize it fluttering around in the space around you (where your imaginary leaves would be), but never actually reaching you. Then, take a deep breath and remember WHO you are. #dramyjohnson ?#thisisonlytemporary #holidays #difficultpeople #goodintentions #protectyourheart #bekind #UtthitaParsvakonasana #extendedsideangle #sideanglepose

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• You need to Stand up straight and spread your legs 3-4 feet apart. Raise your arms to shoulder height and spread to the sides, palms down.
• You need to Turn the left foot 90 degrees to the left, and the right foot slightly inward. Turn your left thigh out and bend your knee, forming a right angle. Try to keep the thigh parallel to the floor.
• You need to Bend your left hand and lower it on your left knee. Raise the right hand straight up toward the ceiling.
• You need to Stretch the hand to the head, behind the right ear with the palm down. Turn your head and look at your right hand. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Repeat the stretch with the other side.

Stretch #6

• You need to Spread out your legs as wide as possible, preferably 3-4 feet. Turn your left foot 90 degrees and the right one 45 degrees to the right.
• You need to Straighten your legs and unfold the right thigh in line with the foot. Raise your hands to shoulder level, parallel to the floor.
• You need to Bring the right arm forward and slowly lower it toward the right foot. Extend your left arm toward the ceiling.
• You need to Stretch your hands slightly. They should form one straight line. Stay in this position for 5 deep breaths, then repeat on the other side.

Stretch #7

• you need to Stand in a downward-facing dog pose. Step your left foot forward in between your hands.
• you need to Lower your right knee to the floor and slide your foot out until you feel a stretch. Raise your chest with your hands on your left knee.
• you need to Sweep your arms up along your ears. Stay in this position or do a gentle backbend. Hold for 5-10 breaths, then repeat this stretch on the other leg.

Stretch #8


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52 WEEKS OF ASANA ??‍♀️WEEK 22 ——————————————————————————— Lizard Lunge ? Sanskrit Name: UTTHAN PRISTHASANA ———————————————————————————- GENERAL FORM: ?Start in Downdog. Step the right foot OUTSIDE of the right hand at the edge of the mat ?Heel toe the foot to the edge of the mat if it isn’t already there. Heels in toes out (roughly 45 degree angle ?Keep the back goes tucked and let the hips grow heavy (you can pulse back and forth the release the hips a little) ?Extend your heart forward and lengthen the spine. You can stay here or If you want to take it further come onto your elbows like in the picture ? The right knee should be hugging towards the midline whilst the back leg in active. ? VARIATIONS: Swipe for pictures? ? Go deeper into the hips by coming into the knife edge of the right foot and taking the knee to the side. You can use the right hand to push against the thigh for a better opening. ?Turn this into a quad stretch by teaching back with the right hand and grabbing the left foot- bringing it into the butt ?Lower the back knee to make the pose more restorative ?Want to go deeper still? place the right foot onto a block ———————————————————————————- BENEFITS: ?Stretches the hips and groin ?Lengthens the Spine ——————————————————————————— #Yoga52 #PoseOfTheWeek #UTTHANPRISTHASANA – – – – – – – – – #lizardlunge #dailypose #hipopeners #practiceandalliscoming #yogisofinstagram #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #yogastrong #dailyyoga #myyogajourney #yogaaddict #yogafit #igyoga #igyogafam #yogacommunity #yogadaily #iloveyoga #fitnessindxb #fityogis #inspiredyogis #dubaifitness #yogavibes #dubaiyoga #yogateacher #yogatutorials #instayoga #dubaiyogateacher

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• You need to This stretch also starts from standing in a downward-facing dog pose. Raise your left leg and step it to the outer side of the left hand.
• You need to Lean on your palms and bring your chest forward.
• You can stay in this position or you can lower down on your forearms. Stay in this pose for 5 breaths, then repeat on the other side.

If you are unsure of your health status, if you have previous injuries or have multiple health problems, speak with your doctor before starting stretching activities. Working with your doctor ahead of time can help you plan the stretching exercise that’s right for you. And that’s a good first step on your path to physical fitness.