“A man has cause for regret only when he sows and no one reaps”
Charles Goodyear
If a man let an amazing woman go from his life, he may not notice the mistake right away. However, there’s a day that he will probably regret it and wonder that real love doesn’t come around every day.

Here are 8 reasons why a man regrets after losing a good woman

1. When he sees that no one loves him as you did


You have cared about him because he was the only thing which mattered to you. In turn, you only expected his love and affection. But after he loses you, he will realize that you were rare and incomparable to anyone.

2. When he notices the selfishness in the world


Your happiness is his happiness. You only care about his feelings and his wellbeing.
Ultimately, he notices that most people have a hidden game that motivates their relationships and he will understand, how honest you really are.

3. When he meets someone who values money over love


You never bothered about his income level and his financial status.

One day he will understand that every woman doesn’t share the same thinking pattern. He will start to realize the true colors of people when he is going through in difficult times. Eventually, he will understand that you loved him for nothing in return.

4. When he has no one he can really talk to


Men may express emotions only in places where they feel safe and where the expression of feelings is considered acceptable. Therefore, if he is going through with something and he needs to share it, he will miss your empathetic presence and open heart.

5. When he realizes that a real connection is rare


Being truly understood is important for anyone’s sanity and development.

Ultimately, he will understand that the quality time he spent with you cannot compare with anyone else. Therefore, he will start to miss your presence and make his life even more regretful.

6. When a good time isn’t enough anymore


If he is a man who canceled a romantic evening to go out with his buddies, he will regret that he sold himself.

He will understand that parties don’t last forever. He will finally learn that those moments he spent with someone who really loves him cannot be taken back.

7. When he sees how patient you were


There always a time for anyone to realize their weakness. Men are often being looking for a partner who could overlook their flaws and support them.

He will understand that you made an effort to make him the best he could be and he will regret that he wasn’t able to step up.

8. When he realizes that friends aren’t enough


Friends will come and go in your life, but the love of a loyal woman is far more precious.

“A good woman’s arms around a man’s neck is a lifebelt thrown out to him from heaven.”
Jerome K Jerome