A student from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is willing to talk about how the lunch is being served at her school.

It was her last lunch period, therefore, most of the time the quality items will be sold out early. Generally, it’s the hamburgers which are the only main course left up to eat.

But what she says is the burgers are not so good.

“The burgers are pink and they don’t look like they’re cooked at all,” she told WPMT. She says she’ll buy the burger, which comes with an orange, and then end up throwing everything away except for the fruit and milk.

However, at the end of the day, she is starving without no food.

Fortunately, those concerns of this little girl are being shared by many parents. Thanks to a viral photo showing one of these cafeteria hamburgers. It helps to investigate the situation.

This anonymous eighth-grade student says that the burgers look like this every day.

More info: rutters.com

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