It has been 18 since the tragedy of 9/11, those emotions we felt, and the people we lost made a split in our timelines, the sight we saw, can never be forgotten. Thousands of people risked their lives to help and rescue the victims.

Twitter user clays and birds took out time to remind us about the dogs that helped to search and rescue after the tragedy, these brave four-legged responders helped to rescue countless lives, it is no doubt that these dogs deserve more respect than humans who is behind this chaos.

Thousands of firefighters and emergency medical personnel responded to Ground Zero, including more than 300 specialized canine search and rescue teams in the days following. But according to the American Kennel Club, only about 100 were prepared for the size of the disaster.

Twitter user ClaysandBirds explained how more than 300 searches and rescue (or SAR) dogs were deployed to Ground Zero, but only a third of them were equipped to deal with large-scale urban rescue missions.

When asked whether or not people are forgetting about the heroes of 9/11, the Twitter user said that, in their opinion, the answer is no. However, ClaysandBirds added: “I think when time passes it becomes less relevant in our day-to-day life. The images of the towers falling have been shown millions of times and the shock of it has slowly worn off.”

“There are some stories from 9/11 that hit you so hard it stays with you. The Boatlift of 9/11, Welles Crowther and the red bandana, Flight 93, and so on. You hear these personal stories and it adds a very human element to 9/11.”

“Last year a writer from Barstool Sports named Large wrote an exceptional blog about being in the financial district and his wife losing part of her family. The part of his story which grabbed me the most was talking about the process of recovering the remains,” said ClaysandBirds. “We all think about the towers falling. It’s played on repeat on 9/11, but to hear about calling hospitals and tracking down leads hoping to get answers is just a gut punch. That story was on my mind and it reminded me of the SAR efforts from ground zero and the dogs who were put to the ultimate test.”

The Twitter user mentioned that they found the “Boatlift of 9/11” to be the most emotional story: “Seeing so many people come together to help one another shows how we care for one another. No one was asking who did you vote for? What religion do you practice? What race are you? People just helped people.”

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