Dolphins are a set of adorable sea creatures that everybody loves. Some call them the doggos of the sea since they are so friendly and adorable. Even though they are known and loved by a lot of people all around the world, here are some facts that you might not know about Dolphins and their behaviour.

With high intelligence levels, social relationships and many more that have made scientists wonder about them, Dolphins are one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. Scroll down to check them out and comment down your thoughts about this set of facts about dolphins.More info & Photo courtesy: TreeHugger

#1. They can be up for weeks!

Samantha Haebich / Getty Images

Dolphins have the ability to stay up awake for a long period of time, even as long as 2 weeks. They can do it since they can rest their brains one half at a time when the other half is up and awake.

#2. Dolphins get high from the toxins of fish.

BBC has done a study where Dolphins were seen passing around a pufferfish until they would be intoxicated and spend time with their buddies while being high.

#3. They have unique calls for themselves that they use as names.

A research has studied that Dolphins use unique calls which are their own ‘signature whistles’. The researchers recorded it and when they played it, the respective Dolphin immediately responded.

#4. Dolphins are trained in the military.

U.S. Pacific Fleet / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

Just like how they train dogs for bomb detection. Dolphins are trained to detect underwater mines as track specific targets.

#5. Dolphins don’t chew.

Alicia Chelini / Shutterstock

Even though you see rows of teeth in a Dolphin’s mouth, they are not for chewing. They are used to grab, bite and tear food before gulping it down,

#6. They develop Dolphin friendships according to their habits.

Dolphins identify the type and the behaviour of other dolphins and hang out with others who shares the same interests together.

#7. They operate as a team.

bluehand / Shutterstock

After identifying the Dolphins who share mutual behaviour, they all stick together as a group. They travel, hunt, play and carry on with their day as a team.

#8. There are around 36 types of Dolphins in the world.

There are a large variety of Dolphin types in the world. Due to that diverse types, it might be a bit hard to decide conservation when certain types are commonly protected while the others might be dwindling in numbers.

#9. They utilize tools.

Joost van Uffelen / Shutterstock

Since they are intelligent type of animals they are seen to be using tools to facilitate their daily routines. Researchers have studied some Dolphins bringing sea sponges from far to leave them on the ocean floor, to attract hiding fish into the open.

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