So many of us fall in love with the wrong person and lose hope of the true story to happen before long. It is mostly with the girls who fail to realize the value of their love, the worth of themselves because they get blinded to these few vital signs in men.

01. You plan all your dates

He shows no interest in making planning seeing each other. If he is too busy to find time in the schedule to see you that’s a quiet way of keeping you off his priority. It is very natural to need and see each other when you are in love. But if rest of the plans come overseeing the other even for the small glance, it has a story to tell behind the corner.

02. You have texts and calls being unattended

We are all phone freaks nowadays. Without the daily news feed scroll, email toll and message alerts we find it very awkward to proceed the day. Technically we start with the phone and have it all along the day. so if, your boyfriend disappears for along uncertain time from your texts and calls it has to do something with his attention towards your waiting. He seems to be replying only for his benefits.  Communication is a number one priority in the growth of a healthy relationship.

03. You never get lost in deep conversations

If your conversation doesn’t get as deep as you expect, if he is trying to run away or change the topic it can be out of two things. He might be too shy to express himself so he’d need some time to adjust his mind, he isn’t ready yet. The other is that he keeps a distance of your reach to his detailed feelings and sharing facts of his own life. That is where you should be very alert about. The boundary that he tries to create might be a big fence to your feelings too. No matter how much you give love he will only let it near the fence and not beyond. The more he is open to you the more you are close to his life.

04. You are always complicated by his behavior

He complicates his feeling of expression. His words won’t match the actions. He might be very romantic in words but very fears in action. It is a very harmful zone to be in because it is very clear he doesn’t mean what he says. It might be in the way of taking your belief towards him for granted. Be blessed to notice and discuss upon the complications before it’s not too late.

05. You are ONLY sexual appreciated

If he is more enthusiastic and planned only for a sexual encounter, not in any other plans he deserves to be doubted. For men sex doesn’t come with love, they can involve in sexual behavior even without feeling towards the other person. If he is always a “yes” for sex and “no” for your laundry date, he is using you for your body, not for love.

06. You never have eye contact and proper hangouts

If he is too much into the phone than into your eyes, he is bored around you. Generally, we all get to scroll our phones once we find ourselves when we have nothing to do, but if the situation is interesting we really forget the phone. So, it is a good hint to realize he is not interested in you.

07. You are being hidden in his life

He keeps you off his life. Away from his family, friends and leave his personal details unsaid. He puts you to a different category in his life where you aren’t in his life by his name – he doesn’t like you to be introduced to his friends as his own another half, he pretends you are just a friend to others and not willing to make you his in all means. These red flags that he waves at the relationship are of course a think twice situation because he indirectly hints you that you aren’t that important to his life. Can that be in a relationship?

08. You never spend holidays exploring

If a holiday doesn’t happen to him it is seriously a matter. Because the more you love spending the leisure with each other the more you seem interested in exploring one another. But if a holiday doesn’t apply schedules for the two of you that is a great slip.

09. He doesn’t give in for you

If he loves you he will try, keep trying and will plan lifetime to try in impressing you. He will bring efforts one over the other in making it happen for you two. Because he values your presence and he knows that you can still find someone if you need but he wants to show he is worth the struggle to have you. Even a little effort creates great love in him and you. That’s how the feelings get going and renew and capture all the moments’ one after the other. If he doesn’t try he is not afraid to lose you.

If you come across this many avoidance from your partner it is best to move on. Do not get hurt and lose hope of this beautiful feeling. Don’t let a Mr. Wrong ruin the place for Mr. Right.

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