Oh boy, if you’re a dog parent, you know the struggle of feeling guilty no matter how much time you spend with your furry friend. Let’s face it, we’re the sun in their universe, which is why we adore them so much! Unfortunately, we can’t take them everywhere we go, as much as we’d love to.

But let’s be real, dogs are the ultimate companions that bring happiness and laughter into our lives. And when we leave them at home, their antics can be downright hilarious.

One of the most common behaviors of our furry pals when left alone is barking and creating chaos. From chewed shoes to destroyed furniture, their shenanigans can leave us baffled and amused. So get ready to laugh at dogs’ ridiculous behavior when home alone. Scroll Down Now!

#1 Sitting Here Minding My Own Business When Boom! Everything Blows Up!

#2 There Was A Spider, It’s Gone Now

#3 Oh Hey, You’re Late Today, Look What Happened To Me!

#4 Omg! Did You See What The Cat Did!

#5 I Have No Idea What’s Going On

#6 “Phew! Your Package Has Passed The Security Test!”

#7 Wait, What? Can You Explain?

#8 I’m Not Proud, But What Is Done Is Done

#9 Did You See My Toy?

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