1. Head Pain

This means you’ve got considerable amount of daily stresses. So it’s better to have some relaxing and stress releasing time to avoid it or cure it.

2. Neck Pain

If you have this pain it says that you have issues about forgiving yourself or others. In that case imagine and fill your thoughts with the people you love.

3. Shoulder Pain

This means the problems you bear in your shoulders are too much for you to handle. It has exceeded your capacity. For that try to decentralize the responsibilities of solving the problems you carry. Let others help you.

4. Upper Back Pain

If you have this pain it means you are worried about your worth and how loved you are. You lack emotional support from a person who understands. And there are solutions for that. For an example; if you are still single then it’s high time for to make change; think about a companion that suits you and go on a date.

5. Lower Back Pain

This means you have financial problems. To get rid of it go for a financial planner or don’t hesitate to ask your boss for a salary increment.

6. Elbow Pain

If you have this pain this might tell that you are resisting to make change in life and move on. If so try changing a little bit within your limits; if it comforts you extend the change.

7. Hand Pain

This depicts lack of your collaboration to improve your social relationships. Just be open. Try talking to the person next to you. Go out with your buddies. Everything’s going to change in a better way. Trust me.

8. Hip Pain...

This means you are kind of scared to make decisions. You think too much before making a decision. And extremely scared to move on

9. Knees Pain

This is a sign that you have such a big ego. You think you deserve much better than everyone else. Be humble. Be nice. Life will be easy for you. And remember; you are an amazing human; so act as a one. (H/T)