We are all locked down and trying to make the best of the situation by improving ourselves, adding new habits, and so on. But! Ladies and Gentlemen be looking all hairy, WITHOUT that wax appointment or a haircut from that salon downtown.

Well, I know that some of y’all have been cutting your own hair at home, some decided to even go bald, coloring your own hair, and so on. Every beauty-related procedure that you used to do at the hands of a professional has become a DIY (Do It Yourself) trend throughout the world.

It must be even harder for the elderly to get their little tidy up as well. However, today’s story will warm your heart, as a 92-year-old husband helped dye his wife’s hair. Hair dyeing can be very hard and it needs lots of time and is not an easy process. It is very difficult to do without a trained professional.

Source: Facebook/הצינור

Let’s get it straight. Husbands have little to no hair-dyeing experience. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t try his best for the sake of his wife’s happiness. Here are some photographs that were taken by their grandson of the Israeli couple going through the dyeing together.

Despite what we see on media, portraying what true love is, this, right here is what it is. These pictures scream maturity, thoughtfulness, selflessness, and of course love!

Without a moment of doubt, her husband takes care of his wife, even if asked to do something a little out of his comfort zone. It seems like it’s all a new experience for both of them, especially him. He takes the responsibility of her hair in his hands, literally too! And KUDOS to the beautiful wife for having trust in her husband with her hair.

Source: Facebook/Omer Shapira

The fact that the husband is trying his utmost best to make sure the hair comes out perfectly makes my heart melt. This is true love, it’s the little things! They say, if you do anything with love and patience it will turn out great! And guess what, her hair did come out great! It honestly looks completely natural, despite her “unskilled” husband’s handiwork. Now, the couple can sit back and wait out this storm. It may take a few months, but at least they have each other.

They’ve seen world wars, terrorist attacks, and numerous bouts of economic turmoil. The outfall of the coronavirus pandemic surely won’t slow them down. They seem to be doing just fine. These days (and every day, actually), keep your friends and your family close. We’ll make it through this together.

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