We found lost things all the time from almost everywhere. More than its value, the sentimental value and the story it holds mean a lot to whoever the founder is. There is such a finding reported in Michigan.

Jennifer Dowker, a captain of a tour boast was doing her routine cleaning of their boat’s hull. During this process, she noticed an object which seemed to be a bottle. Although she finds a lot of trash under the water, this one seemed to be a bit different. After brought it ashore, Dowker found a note inside it with a message! Scroll down to read the rest of this awesome story.

More info & Photo courtesy: Facebook | 9&10 News | Nautical North Family Adventures


Nautical North Family Adventures

When she took out the note and read it. The sender of the particular note has asked the finder of this to give it it a “George Morrow”. At first, the Captain was a bit puzzled since it was dated November 1926.


Nautical North Family Adventures

Giving it a bit of time to think, Captain Dowker shared this story on Facebook. This story attracted many curious people and just like that, the search for George Morrow began. This message was 95 years old, so it might seem like an unachievable task.


Nautical North Family Adventures

Social media showed a bit of its potential by rallying up a huge number of people and many ‘Morrows’ among them as well.


Nautical North Family Adventures

Finally, the search came to an end when George Morrow’s daughter was found. After a conversation with her, Morrow’s daughter suggested that it might be her father’s own work since it was his birthday month that this note was written. Captain Dowker received permission to keep the bottle and the note to herself.


Nautical North Family Adventures

This was a very exciting moment as a lot of ‘Morrows’ got to know each other. Also, this is not Dowker’s first discovery of messages at sea. She just loves how the ocean gifts her with things with high sentimental values.


9&10 News

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