It’s not always easy to know whether your child’s caregiver is doing her job. Here’s the reason why…

It was June 2015,18-month old baby has been given by her mom Lisa Smith to the daycare provider in Texas.

At a later time, the babysitter has put the baby Mia to sleep. Unfortunately, the baby girl did not wake up. The baby’s face and toes had turned to purple and the baby had stopped breathing.

However, the babysitter has taken the Mia to the hospital. Lisa heard this terrible news when she was working at her office.

Sadly, this little girl died two days later of “positional asphyxia,” which means baby’s head was in an unsafe position while she slept. Therefore, the baby was unable to breathe

According to baby your baby, Positional asphyxia happens when a person can’t get enough air to breathe due to the positioning of the body. This happens most often in infants when an infant dies and is found in a position where his/her mouth and nose is blocked, or where his/her chest may be unable to fully expand. It is felt that the positioning of the infant led to a lack of oxygen and a death by asphyxia (suffocation.)

It was evident that this tragic incident has happened due to the fatal mistake of the babysitter.

“We knew from day one there was no malicious intent, but she made a series of wrong decisions that cost my daughter her life,” Lisa said

However, Lisa Smith told to the inside edition that she doesn’t scold her babysitter for the mistake, but she’s spreading awareness among the parents, therefore such tragic incidents can be prevented.

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