If you are a cat owner you might know how different cats are from one another. They have unique personalities for each. Here’s such a cat who loves wearing sweaters. Steve from New Jersey is 18 years old and he had come to talk on Imgur. Let’s see what Steve’s story is.

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#1 Here’s Steve who is 18 years old

Image credits: rosytroll

To know about Steve Bored Panda had contacted Steve’s owner. She had said that steve had been with her since Steve was 8 weeks. She had been 12 years and they had gone to a family friend’s house to get a kitten as a cat there had kittens. And they had gone there for her sister to get a kitten and that Steve is supposed to be her cat. She had said that as the last part didn’t work well the cat was put in a separate room so that he and the other older cat they had could get along. But as the little cat was crying she had sneaked to comfort him as she had felt bad.


Image credits: rosytroll

She had said that at last, the cat had got attached to her than her sister. And had said that they had brought her sister a dog as she loves dogs than cats. Also had said that she has a contract drawn with markers that she was gifted for a birthday saying that he was officially hers. Steve’s owner had said that both she and Steve had been together for 18 years.

#3 What’s Special about Steve’s is that he loves wearing sweaters

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And about Steve’s personality, his owner had said that he is a very affectionate cat. And that he loves to be in her arms. And she had said that he even tries to grooms her, in the area of her forehead and side of her neck. Seems that Steve is a very loving cat after all. But he has a bit of this separation anxiety condition. As she had said Steve stips eating when she’s not around or been out for internships. And also had said that if he’s a bit displeased with anything he screams at her. And she had also shared some wired staff Steve does with the Bored Panda. Like he’s chatty and even rolls off bet when stretching.


Image credits: rosytroll

#5 She had put sweaters on him so that he wouldn’t get cold while traveling on the flight

Image credits: rosytroll


Image credits: rosytroll

About this sweater thing, she had found that Steve loves them during their move to New Jersey from Phoenix. And had said that she had moved the furniture earlier and after that only Steve had moved with her best friend in early February. And before she left she had taken the sweater for him to be warm during the flight until he came to her apartment.

#7 At first he had not liked the sweater but by the time they landed he had loved it a lot

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She had shared that Steve didn’t love the sweater at first, but he was fine wearing it when they were landing. She had also said that it would be fine for him as he is an arthritic cat. And that she doesn’t put it on during the warmer months but when it is cold he loves the sweater. But before the sweater, he loves the heated bed and her heated blanket.

#8 He doesn’t like when someone takes it from him

Image credits: rosytroll

She had said that when someone takes it off from him they have to put it right back and if not he starts to complain for hours. And had said that after it’s being put on he would be silent and sleep calmly.


Image credits: rosytroll

And she had said that she was so happy to get comments and likes on the posts she had shared on Imgur. She had said that people on the internet are very kind that some even said that they would offer to knit him sweaters. And @miniwatercolourwonders on Imgur/Instagram had even painted him. For more check out Steve’s new Instagram account @the_daily_bood.

#10 People’s thoughts about Steve

Share with us what your thoughts are about the cutie Steve. Leave a comment below.

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