There’s nothing ugly, everything and everyone is beautiful. Beauty is all around us but not everyone sees it. Sometimes we use to tune certain modeling channels on the television, so we will see everything with perfect clarity and feel like there’s no chance for any different looking person. Fortunately, with all these perfections, a girl broke the ceiling and move to the modeling field where she can show her performance in a unique way. She is Chelsea Werner, a gymnast from Danville, California, she is having down syndrome, Where There can be impairments in cognitive ability and physical growth, mild to moderate developmental disabilities.

Chelsea Werner is a talented gymnast where she had participated in the Special Olympics United States National Championship and she managed to win it four times. Apart from that she also had earned the World Championship twice. She started doing gymnastics when she was just 4 years old, it has brought hope to her life and new skills to build up her confidence level.

Most people want to achieve their goals but they undermine the importance of self-confidence. However, Chelsea is certain about her abilities and skills. It was never easy for her to achieve her goals because Whenever she went to any fashion industry, it’s like there was no place in the market for people with Down syndrome. However, she continued to try and enter the market with the help of her family.

Chelsea Werner

She was very patient and persistent, it paid off her soon. Ultimately, she was discovered by We Speak after the agency saw her on social media. “I saw her viral videos and was immediately captivated by her beautiful bubbly energy,” The founder of We Speak, Briauna Mariah, told A Plus. “I saw Chelsea’s potential to thrive in this industry and immediately reached out. It’s important women feel represented in the industry.”

From the first photoshoot itself, she has managed to bring a positive impression among everyone. A lot of followers brought up positive praise towards her abilities.

“I just think you’re so incredible! I absolutely adore following your page and all your words of wisdom! Thank you for being YOU and sharing your talents and beauty with the world,” one person commented on a photo.

“So glad you shared this today! Keep inspiring people,” another wrote.

She has shown people that There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. So she taught us that there’s always a chance where she can defeat her disorder and rise above it.

gymnast with Down Syndrome

“Chelsea takes feedback really well and is a quick learner. Right now we’re building her experience in front of the camera, building her portfolio and brand. The next step is to have her out in NYC during Fall/Winter ’18 fashion week. We’re in the process of setting up a few interviews, meetings, and castings for her time in NYC.” According to Mariah,

A Champion Gymnast With Down Syndrome Becomes A Model And Breaks Stereotypes

Werner joins other models with the same disorder working in the fashion industry to promote inclusion, Maran Avila and Madeline Stuart. Stuart has already launched her own clothing line known as 21 Reasons Why, a nod to her 21st chromosome.

Chelsea Werner

This is a world where it always praises towards perfect people. Therefore, these three stars are one of the best examples which shows that there is no exact definition for ‘Perfect’.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way!

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