Partners propose to their better half in all surprising and romantic ways. But this is a totally different story where both the partners got surprised since they both proposed each other.

The story how they synchronized is even funnier. The couple; Savi and Sharath, had hired a photographer to do a couple photoshoot and both of them reached out to the photographer personally to let her know that they were going to propose to their partner. Miranda, the photographer told them when to propose, letting the couple get surprised by themselves while capturing the beautiful moments herself.More info & Image Courtesy: Instagram | | Facebook

Miranda Shared This Wonderful Story.

This couple was together for over 2.5 years together and recently apart for 6 months since the Covid-19 lockdowns were imposed. They thought that a photoshoot would be a romantic idea for their reunification, unknown of each other’s intentions to propose one another.





After both, Savi and Sharath informed Miranda of their plans of proposal. She gave the couple the exact same cues to do their proposal. Miranda made them walk apart back to back and on her cue to go on their knees to propose as the other turned around. That instantly became a wonderful surprise to the couple and a heart touching moment for Miranda as well.



This was one of the happiest photoshoots that the photographer had ever captured and she was so happy to be a part of it.






Miranda shows that this happiness is the reason that she pursues the career of a photographer.











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