Cats are a strange type of pets, both cuddly and egoistic. But everyone loves these cute lovable animals and put up with their drama any day of the week. Cat lovers know how it is to live with a cat. They would always climb up tp your lap or walk all over you to make itself comfortable when you try to relax, but not anymore!

Engineers, Beth Horneman and Stephan Verkaik are the two minds behind this innovative product. This is a chair with a ‘cat wheel’ attached to its side. The cat could walk in the ‘cat wheel’ while it is in your presence. This could result in a combined win for the pet’s amusement, owner’s relaxation and also pet’s health. During the lockdown time in the past year, a lot of people as well as pets had to face problems due to unhealthy food consumption and improper health practices. This is a very creative product by these two engineers and it might pave a way for a totally new genre of furniture, that can accommodate pets as well. Their project chair with the ‘cat wheel’ is up on the site and it is a popular topic in a short period of time. Now you can rest while your pet puts in its steps while ebing at your comfort. Listed below are some pictures of the product with the ‘wheel’ for the cats. Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments section!More info & Photo courtesy: Instagram |










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