When you start to work on your own it feels really great as you have your own money. Probably starts working by cleaning tables, lifting groceries, working at a shop, and many other jobs. We get to learn through doing such kinds of work and it helps us to be more responsible. And with the change of time, it seems that people start to work at a very small age.More Info: Twitter

#1. Teenager gets excited when they start to work from a small age.

Image credits: Kristian Lindqvist

On Facebook recently a dad who has a 14-year-old son had posted saying about his son working in Burger King.  as he had said, he’s proud of his son, and he had said that his son works every day which includes weekends too. And that the boy goes in the morning and comes by late night. As the dad had said the boy’s dream is to save money to get a car. It looked like a post that had appreciated his work but later it had become a topic about child labor.

#2. A user on Twitter had pointed that it’s not right to let your young kids work.

Image credits: kittynouveau

#3. The dad’s proud that his son works and he shares about it.



Image credits: Chris Crawford

@kittynouveau had shared a post on Twitter which was captioned as ‘god this is depressing’ and the post had gone viral and had received about 205.9k likes. There had been around 4k comments which had said that the dad should be more concerned about the fact the kid is being exploited than being proud. Though the kid was supposed to work part-time the dad had stated that he works every day. And many had said that the kid is just 14 and he should be enjoying around rather than working. He had said that the boys love working there but the reality is known by people who had done such work.

Many users are against the fact that he works as he’s just a kid of 14 years.


If he works every day how can it be a part-time job? The question has raised among Twitter users.


There’s a problem with how a 14 year could work because to work as per US law one should be at least 16 years old. 14 to 15-year-old kids are also allowed to work with a work permit. There are people who agree with this and they say it’s good for them to learn. But there are problems where the youngsters are been used so it’s good for the kids to be as kids for a possible time.


Some people had even shared their young working experiences.


Some had even given opinions about if it’s okay to let your child work from an early age.

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