Every being on this planet deserves loves and protection. This is a story of a lost, stranded and a wounded doggo who was helped by the amazing Mission Pawsible team. Meet Michi, this sweet little dog did not have a comfortable life, it barely made through the streets of Bali with a head injury.

Members of Mission Pawsible rescued her after identifying her critical condition. They took her to the vet and had her checked up. The injury on the head was developed into a hole and it was filled with maggots, making things even worse. Scroll down to check out the rest of this story.More info & Photo courtesy: missionpawsible.org | Facebook | Instagram | twitter.com | youtube.com



Her fur was completely shaven off for her to be treated. Step by step, Michi was treated. She no longer has to worry for her life since these amazing people were taking care of her.



After Michi recovered, mission pawsible found Michi a forever home. She met her hooman mommy, Saffron. They are now living in Bali with another rescue dog Saffron owns.



No one would have thought that Michi could have turned her life around like this! The missionpawsible.org is driven to help more and more doggos like Michi and rely of donations done to them. Make sure you visit their websites so you can either donate or spread awareness. Every animal deserves to have a good life, happiness and protection. Comment down your thoughts about this article and this project down in the comments section!




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