As dog lovers we all want our dogs and all other dogs to be safe and fine. But unfortunately there are people who treat dogs in a bad manner. This story of a dog named Tom is also a similar one. 

He had been tied to a tree and been used as a breeding dog. His owners had just used him to earn. Almost all his fur was lost and even worms were there in his body and he was very weak and thin.More info & Photo courtesy: Imgur/nbd789


But due to his lucky fortune he had been adopted by a person named nbd789. He had met the dog at an adoption event and realized that Tom was different from others and silent. Then he checked Tom’s history from the sheet in his crate. Then when he looked at Tom he had got attached with the dog and had adopted him.



 When Tom had gone to his new home with his new dad, Tom had feared a bit. His new dad had thought that Tom was not fit enough to climb the stairs but Tom had climbed the stairs when he had realized that he was safe. 


Tom is being treated and looked after well by his dad and now he’s healthy, fit and fine with no health issues. Before the adoption he had weighed 40 pounds and now he weighs 70 pounds. He’s now happy with his new dad.



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