One of us is born perfect and there are people who have disabilities and difficulties. We can achieve a lot if we do not consider our disability as a weak point in our life. It is true that it’s difficult to get along with normally behaving people but it’s not an impossible thing to do. This pretty little Morgyn Anrold from Utah who’s 14 years old has Down syndrome. As she is well-willed she had made it to the cheerleading squad at her junior high school. And in the team, she’s a loved and respected member.

But something very sad had happened to her. She had been sitting and posing for the picture with the rest of the members of their squad. She had been at the center and had given a super cute smile along with others. And she had been eagerly waiting to see her photo in the yearbook.More info & Photo courtesy: LittleThings


Although she had posed in the photo, when the family and she herself looked at the yearbook she was not there in the picture. Her name was also not included on the page. The school had selected the picture where she had not posed to be published in the yearbook and on social media. And the same picture was even used for all publicity.

Her older sister Jordyn was very upset and frustrated about this happening. She shared a post online and it had gone viral. She had said in the post that her sister had spent hours learning dances and had even shown up in games and cheered for the school. And had written that those girls did everything to include her all year. And after they received an apology from the school.


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