Days, weeks and months have passed but it is still him.

I know he is happy now with someone else – but me? I’m still stuck somewhere else. He gave me so much happiness, I’m so stupid not to notice that it will also bring me to the road of loneliness.

Who said that he gave me inspiration, may be it seemed to be but later I realised that there is an expiration. I thought that he showed me the meaning of love, but in reality heartbreak followed-up.

“Why you showed me so much love when in fact you will just leave me behind? Why have your feelings changed so suddenly? Was it my fault? Am I not enough? Have I done something wrong? Or you just don’t love me anymore?”…….

All the questions, all the doubts about myself… Am I unlovable? Am I useless? Was it too easy got away? I asked from myself.

All the questions left me hanging without knowing the real answer.

It has been a empty road, alone without a hope, with a broken heart.. I really didn’t know what would I do from that very moment.

Once I tried to stop him from walking away and other time tried to let him go and set him free.

But… I am not the one who stopped loving, that is him.

Shedding tears,

sleepless nights,

loss of appetite,


Probably these were my daily routine from that time that I was broken but then I realised, ‘why am I doing these to myself? For what? Yes, I’m in pain, I’m broke, I’m nothing to him now, but does it all make sense? Can it go back to the way things they were before? Will these make him come back?

— No! It cannot and it will not! Don’t be a fool again!

When I realise the worth of myself, I stood up even more stronger. I said to myself “It’s time to move on! It’s time to stop these stupid questions from yesterday, but instead, learn from that and be confident to face a new chapter of life full of love.

Yes, it may not be that easy but time heals everything, I know I will be okay, maybe not now, but soon, very soon.

So, to the people out there who’ve been in pain, just learn the word ‘Acceptance’.

Accept the fact that there are certain people who come and go, but definitely, there will be this someone who will come and stay.

Accept the fact that you can’t really have what you really want, you just have to be contented and maybe take a glance to what’s in front of you.

Just have faith and always believe in love.Just learn to wait for the right one because real love, true love, or whatever love you may call it, it will surely come in God’s perfect time.

-Your dearest girl who begged you to stay…