In a world where many people try to harm marine animals here’s a boy from Srilanka who takes out barnacles from the shells of the sea turtles. Barnacles are a type of crustacean and they stick onto hard surfaces. Though there’s no much harm from one barnacle a group of them might cause harm. And therefore this kind-hearted guy named Chika Boy helps the turtles in his area.More info & Photo courtesy: Chika Boy | Facebook | TikTok | Twitter | YouTube


Photo: Jessica Wong

It is not certain whether the turtles are suffering from these barnacles but there are chances for infections to happen. The boy had shared a video on YouTube where he removes barnacles from the shells of turtles. He had said that if many barnacles stick onto the shells it might be difficult for the turtle to swim properly and find food. And also had said that if they stick near the eyes of the animals its vision might get affected. And that it would be difficult for them to eat and would be harmful if the barnacles attach near the mouth.

With the use of a knife, he removes them out very carefully without hurting the turtle. There are some barnacles that are hard to remove but he removes them out somehow. And after removing the barnacles he brings the turtle back to the beach and releases it. In another video, he had shared it is seen that he rescues a turtle stuck in a fishing net and then removes the barnacles on its shell. This guy does a very good job of helping animals out. If you are interested in seeing more videos check on YouTube.

#2 Chika Boy helps the sea turtles out


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