Prayer is a robot establishment built by Timetable. Streep told Digital Trends:

As for the artwork, we practiced a neural communication form to learn the possibility occurrence, and accurate function, in the distribution of words from the text structure. We collected a large religious text database of seven major religions.

We combined all this info into one example of one god or one religion database. By encoding this knowledge in a mathematical framework, the system allows word application and grammar from word distribution, which can be used to generate natural language. The wide network is well-crafted in Scripture. Thus, it shortens the central points from this particular genre to create original prayers, their strange reference, and syntax.

It then uses text-to-speech structure to transform those words into real-time audio. The voice is synchronized with lip changes, which affect the appearance of prayers.

For its creator, prayer is an effort to examine the theory of divinity and the unexplored mystery thorough machine training. Added Strep:

What does a divine epiphany look like for artificial intelligence, the provocative question may seem ridiculous, but the focus of the project may be to shed light on the difference between humans and A.I. Machines in the discussion of mind and matter, and allow the speculative position of the future of men in the age of A.I. Technology and AGI ambitions.

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