During weddings and other events, a lot of fresh flowers are being used and left out. Eleanor Love who had been a medical student at the Virginia Commonwealth University had come up with an idea to use the fresh flowers that are being left out. She had gone to places where weddings and other events are held and had asked the coordinators if she could get the flowers after the events. And then had found a way to distribute these beautiful fresh flowers among the patients in hospitals.

She had formed  The Simple Sunflower by uniting people who volunteered to help her gather the flowers and give them to the patients. The crew who helped her includes some of her fellow colleagues, some employees of the university, some local people, and florists. Along with helping the patients to heal through flowers she also managed to unite people and make their community better. By finding The Simple Sunflower and helping patients she does a great job. Even in some studies, it is said that flowers can heal people.More info & Photo courtesy: The Simple SunflowerInstagram | Facebook | Twitter


Eleanor Love, Founder of The Simple Sunflower, an organization that reuses wedding flowers to deliver them to hospital patients.

Eleanor had said to My Modern Met that what The Simple Sunflower reminds her is the humanity in medicine and that behind every test or treatment they do is a person. And had said that their aim is to reduce the pain felt by patients by providing them these beautiful fresh flowers. She had said that their work promotes empathy and compassion and that she would carry it with her through her career as a physician. And also had mentioned that for science and medicine creativity is essential and that her creativity, The Simple Sunflower makes her strong. And had said that all, she herself, the patients, and the volunteers appreciate the natural beauty of flowers.

Eleanor is now going forward as a doctor and along with her, The simple Sunflower is also growing. And it is in the process to apply to make in a nonprofit organization and also she wishes to expand it more by helping other hospitals in other cities. To know more about it, or to donate, or if you are a volunteer visit their website for more information. Also, you can get in touch through Twitter and  Instagram.

#2 Eleanor had started The Simple Sunflower to help hospital patients

image credits: mymodernmet


image credits: mymodernmet


image credits: mymodernmet

#5 Love helps patients feel good by distributing fresh flowers to them

image credits: mymodernmet


image credits: mymodernmet

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