Every body interact with animals at some point in their day or life. Most of us have pets at our homes as well. The animal world is so diverse and different that sometimes, we don’t even recognize what animal family it belongs to.

So, this lady had an idea to educate the online community about what to do if you got bitten by these animals that are listed below. First aid should be directed according to the animal and according to the dangerous traits of their bites. Even though some of the domesticated animals look sweet and innocent, if you do not know what their bites do and what to do as first aid, you might end up having seriously bad effects.

Jelena Woehr is the name of this lady who has been posting about these animals bites on Twitter. She is an educator, writer, editor and a businesswoman from Los Angeles. She likes to help people in ways that she sees that the people are unaware of. Check out the list of animals below, some animals are just cute and adorable until they bite! So, be informed and be careful with these animals, not to get bitten! Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!More info & Photo courtesy: Twitter



She has also mentioned the bite scale, for the people to get a very brief idea how bad or worse it can be according to a general scale. She has received many comments agreeing with her and even some adding more to her list, joining to the cause.



















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