When you want to relax and read a book, you need a chair or lounger that supports your neck and head in the right position so that you can read for hours. With most chairs, you’ll have to change positions frequently when a body part falls asleep, or you’ll have a pain in your neck from having to hold it up while you read. 

A Luxury Bean Bag For Reading

Fortunately, the Yogibo Max is a luxury bean bag that puts your body in the exact right position for comfortable reading. And don’t make the mistake of buying the Moon Pod instead, as this bean bag will require additional accessories to provide the support you need. Not only is the Yogibo Max longer than the Moon Pod, providing adequate support from your head to your toes, but it is also more comfortable overall. Here’s why.

Longer-Lasting, Soft Outer Cover

The Yogibo Max cover is made from a cotton-spandex fabric blend, so it is durable, washable, and pilling-resistant. On the other hand, the Moon Pod’s cover is a cotton-polyester fabric blend, which is washable, but less durable and more prone to pilling. This means that you won’t have to replace your Yogibo Max cover nearly as often as you will the Moon Pod cover. Plus, the Yogibo Max cover is soft and comfortable on your skin, no matter how long your book is.

Neck Support

This is the biggest benefit of the Yogibo Max as a reading chair, especially when compared with the Moon Pod. When used as a lounger, most people are able to fit their entire body onto the Yogibo Max, and the top forms a pillow behind their neck and head. It instantly places your head at the right angle for reading, no matter what that angle is, as this can differ from reader to reader. 

The Moon Pod, though, is so short that if you’re taller than about four feet, your legs will dangle off the end. Moreover, in the lounging position, the Moon Pod does not create an integrated pillow behind your neck. You’ll have to buy the back supporter separately at a significant cost to get this feature.

A Luxury Bean Bag For Reading

Zero Pressure Points

While both companies claim to provide adequate support for any body type and eliminate pressure points, only Yogibo does it every time, in every position. When you sit on the Moon Pod, you’ll feel it sink downward, expanding in width as it shrinks in height. The Yogibo, however, doesn’t continue to expand when you sit or lie down. It instantly conforms to your body and provides the correct amount of support. There’s no need to shift around to find a more comfortable position with the Yogibo, but you might have to do this with the Moon Pod.

If your goal is to read for several hours, the Yogibo will support you for as long as you need it to. The Moon Pod will support you until you move around. At this point, the beads may need to be “reset” by standing up, returning the product to its original form, and sitting or laying back down. This isn’t a huge issue, but it is a little inconvenient.

A Luxury Bean Bag For Reading


The Yogibo Max is the ideal gift for a person who loves to read. You’ll be providing them with a comfortable reading chair/lounger that will allow them to read for as long as they can keep their eyes open. What more could a bookworm want?

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