Gender inequality has been a big issue in several points of the human civilization. In the present world, women are more educated and acknowledged of the fact. There are different movements to break free from the gender based unequal treatment.

As much as there are movements and uprising against this unfair treatment, there are clashes in the society between people who bear different ideologies. But this is a wonderful moment, one of some people who takes an initiative to make a stand for what is right, even if they are not of the same gender. This TikTok user mrvdk whose real name is Stefan, made a video talking about how hard is it to be a woman even though they are treated lesser than men. More info & Photo courtesy: mrvdk




He is a supporter of the feminist movement and this was a video responding another tiktok video of a man questioning why its so hard for women in the society. The video went viral with over 2.5 million likes and more than 7.3 millions views as well. Stefan is actually surprised himself, since what he shared were not top secret material, he just mentioned things that happens all around the world every single day.



He addressed sensitive topic like; Child marriage, Gender inequality in their own household and that many countries does not facilitate gender balance when they offer jobs. Also, with the pandemic striking the whole planet at once, the current job market would take even longer to close up the gender gaps that prevail in the modern world.




#9. Here are some replies he got.


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